Why You Shouldn’t Make Fun of Surprising Ideas When Brainstorming

Brainstorming sessions allow your employees to contribute to the conversation. You know that they also have something good to say about an upcoming project or business plans. Some of your employees have been around for a long time, and they understand what the company stands for. 

During this session, you might notice that some of the ideas are seemingly out of this world. They might even be funny. Regardless of what your employees suggest, respect it. If given as a serious suggestion, take it that way. 

You want everyone to think outside the box

The fact that you got surprised by the suggestion showed that your employee went beyond the usual ideas. It’s not something you already thought of before. It’s a good thing if everyone possesses that mindset. Some of the best business ideas look ridiculous at first. If you laugh at what your employee suggests, it will encourage everyone to stay safe.

Employees thought of the idea thoroughly

Imagine if you asked for ideas on how to celebrate a milestone. The usual suggestions are dinner parties and charity gala. If someone told you to host a funfair stall for hire, you might think it’s too much. It seems wild at first, but your employee can tell more about it. Once you realise that it’s an excellent suggestion, you won’t hesitate to go for it. If you don’t listen and decide to write it off, you will miss the opportunity to have a fantastic celebration. 

The employee might get bullied

After giving the suggestion, you’re probably not the only person in the room to think it’s ridiculous. Other employees feel the same. They might even mock their colleague for saying it out loud. You don’t want to encourage that behaviour. The brainstorming session should be a safe space, and no one should get mocked for bringing up a unique idea. 

You will regret not listening 

Some top businesses today ask for funding from investors. They get rejected several times. For sure, those investors are now regretting their decision. If they didn’t write the proposals off, they would have been a significant part of those companies’ success. Think of it that way when your employees offer something unique. When their ideas ultimately become a big deal, you will feel glad that you listened. 

Not all ideas will stay the same

The brainstorming session is about throwing new ideas around. Not all of them will look the same once the process is over. There will be several changes based on how things look during implementation. Therefore, you have nothing to worry about. The initial suggestion is a blueprint of what could be the final results. If you worry about it now, you shouldn’t. 

Create a culture of respect in the office. When you receive suggestions, say thank you and encourage more people to speak up. You can also probe the ideas and get more from the person who suggested. The session will be more meaningful and productive.