You can usually find elevators in malls, offices, and apartment buildings. Before, if a home has an elevator, it automatically means that the owner is wealthy. But now, even if you’re not a billionaire who lives in a multistory mansion, you can install an elevator in your San Francisco home. Here’s why you should consider it:


The most helpful benefit one can get out of a home elevator is that it makes going up and down the floors easy for those who have difficulties in mobility. If you have family members who might be unable to walk, a home elevator will help them get around the house without needing anyone’s assistance. The elderly and those who need elevators for a medical necessity will benefit from this the most.

Check out https://nwliftsnorcal.com/home-elevators.php for the different kinds of elevator options available, including those that are wheelchair accessible. If your disabled family members want independence when moving about the house, you can install a home elevator.

Carrying Heavy Loads

Elevators ease the tedious task of carrying heavy items up and down the stairs. If your daily home chores include carrying groceries, equipment, and other heavy stuff up and down different floors, you might want to consider installing a home elevator.

Instead of lifting heavy boxes that may injure you in some way, the elevator will do the lifting for you. Home elevators can carry loads of more than 1,000 lbs depending on the kind that you choose. So, not only can multiple people go on a single ride, but you can also include heavy and bulky items with you. You won’t break your back lifting heavy things, and you also eliminate the risk of falling down the stairs.

Increases The Value of Your Property

Not every household in San Francisco, California has a home elevator. You’ll most likely see one in rich people’s houses, but average people don’t always have an elevator readily accessible within their homes. But if you do, your property will increase in value because of the rarity of regular households with elevators.

San Francisco is one of the best cities to launch startups. Entrepreneurs and business people who want to take a chance in the city will surely be looking for places to live in the area. If you have a home elevator, you can increase the price of your property. The elevator will also be one of the best features that could act as the selling point of your home.


Children, the elderly, and persons with disabilities are the most at risk of suffering an accident if they use the stairs all the time. One misstep can cause injuries such as broken bones, concussions or, in worse cases, death. Home elevators will eliminate that risk, though you’ll still have to teach your children and other family members elevator safety tips.

Some elevators have limitations on unauthorized uses. There’s a limit in weight capacity to make sure that nobody inside is at risk. Also, you need to follow specific standards when installing elevators. In case of power loss, elevators have protocols during emergencies, like having backup power.

Saves Space

If you can’t afford a wide lot in San Francisco, you might have to settle for small homes. If you live in a crowded neighborhood, you may not have enough space to expand your home for a bigger lot. But if you consider home elevators, you can add more floors to your home. You’d have more living space even without purchasing a big lot because you’ll be extending upwards.

Elevators also wouldn’t take up as much space as stairs would. Since stairs incline on a certain angle, they would take up lots of space, but elevators only go straight up. It means that a small tube or square shape at the corner will be enough. You can also choose to install it outside your house, so it doesn’t take up room on the inside.


Home elevators can come in different shapes and designs. You have the choice to let it match your interior decor or make it secret or hidden. It can give your home a modern feel to it. An elevator is luxury at an affordable price.

Final Thoughts

You no longer have to be in public places such as hospitals, malls, or office buildings to be able to ride an elevator. If you want it or need it, you can install an elevator in your home. There are plenty of affordable choices, and you’ll get lots of benefits from them.