One of the most important and least understood SEO strategies is link building. Although the term gets bantered around among those in SEO circles, some fail to take its importance seriously. Perhaps because it doesn’t produce rapid results. The process of link building comprises having other related sites create links on their websites to link back to yours.

If you’re a serious online marketer, nothing is more important to traffic gains over time and gaining site authority than creating and implementing a solid link building strategy.

Why is a Backlinking Strategy so Important?

Google is the king of search and part of the reason is their commitment to be the world’s best search engine. During their quest for the best, so to speak, Google spends a considerable amount of money on research and development to stay on the cutting edge of search.

They create algorithms designed to accomplish many tasks such as ranking websites on how well they follow the rules set for inclusion in the search results pages. Among the dizzying number of rules that change often with the algorithms is backlinks, or the number of websites linking to your website.

The number of backlinks helps Google determine the popularity of your site, but it’s more about the quality of the backlinks that signals them your site should appear higher in their search results pages. If your site earned loads of quality backlinks from authority sites, your site stands a good chance of rising in the search results.

Quality backlinks begin with the core reason a site enjoys higher rankings than a similar one. Great websites and average-looking ones play a role in how well they’re received by their audiences. The point is never overlooking the importance of a well-structured and functional website that keeps readers on your site.

Link Building is the Key to Effective SEO

For the novice webmaster, effective link building is a mystery. As you might expect, link building requires skill, knowledge, and patience. Skill and knowledge don’t just happen and if the temptation to circumvent the process of earning backlinks using techniques other than proven and time-tested methods, your site and your business won’t be around long.

Doing manual outreach link building and aiming for natural high-quality backlinks gets you the best traffic which has a greater impact on your website’s rankings and placement in the SERPS (search engine results pages). Gaining quality backlinks to your site takes a long time if you’re slogging along, spinning your wheels because you don’t have a clue how to make it happen.

There are many professionals dedicating their careers to building websites that rank well and attract tons of traffic. SEO isn’t a technique all by itself. It’s a group of techniques that work together to achieve the best search results and ranking possible.

High quality and shareable content people enjoy reading from you that gets shared between other people starts the link building ball rolling in your favor. Remember one of Google’s favorite ranking factors is site popularity. If your site ranks high with its readers, it gets noticed and your ranking rises.

As more people catch on and the word about your site and its content spreads, other bloggers or those with a large social media following might help you promote your site by linking to it. To increase exposure of your site, connecting with a reputable company willing to work with you to expand your reach creates a new emphasis on continuous growth.

Reach Out for Help to Scale Your Business

Link building takes effort, but it’s worth the time. Once your site attracts more visitors, you must understand where the traffic comes from so you can keep it coming and build more. For your business to scale, you must take it up a level by incorporating specialists to help.

Link building with PureLinq takes the effort out of building high-quality backlinks and puts it into the hands of professionals who have the skill, knowledge, and patience to help increase the coveted backlinks to your site and increase its search rankings.