How many batteries are there in your house right now? Are all working smoothly? It is evident that most of the families keep or store extra batteries in their drawer but what if they find missing when needed. The user has to run toward shop no matter what time it is because a battery can save gadgets life whether you believe it or not. For different sort of objects, a different type of batteries such as equivalent batteries, replacement batteries etc gets used. This article is solely based on batteries and how everything related to it.

Whether you need to recycle used or old batteries this article will turn out to be something useful. Manufacture recommend user to replace old bull batteries with a new one no matter whether it is replacing the battery in flashlight, gadget, or device. This automatically rises need of reading instructions and manual so that you can be avoided using the wrong kind of battery that would cause injury or damage to your device.

Some of the detailing that needs to be checked before replacing the battery is capacity, drain current, chemistry, charging current, max pulse current, self-discharge, and dimensions. New users may find this complicated or a daunting task but this is not the case so if you go through this article.

Be ready to explore the type of batteries from this article.

Button or coin cell batteries

coin cell batteriesWhen it comes about a non-chargeable group of battery, button or coin cell comes first. You can see its use in key chain flashlights, watches, hearing aids, and remote controls. In the market, there are lots of battery chemistry types- mercury-oxide, zinc-air, alkaline, silver-oxide. Choosing any of these can be a bit confusing to users. you might be looking for CR2450 bettery equivalent. The voltage range for alkaline, silver-oxide, mercury-oxide, zinc-air is 1.5v, 1.55v, 1.4-1.45v, and 1.35 respectively.

The typical capacity in this series is 110-130 mAh, 150-200mAh, 600-700mAh, and 180-200 mAh respectively.

  • Alkaline- Alkaline button batteries are much cheaper and reliable. The nominal voltage as estimated is 1.5 v. Its capacity depends solely on cut-off V. Some typical labels are- LR##, AG##, LR####
  • Silver oxide– it is the most popular battery type. The typical labels are – SG##, SR###, and SR##. The nominal voltage is somewhat similar to an alkaline battery.
  • Zinc-air– it is used in hearing aid devices. The nominal voltage is 1.4-1.45v. The voltage provided is constant. They get operated through oxygen from the air. It has a shelf life of 4-5 years.
  • Mercury oxide– the battery voltage is approximately 1.35v, with a good capacity of 180-200 mAh.

Cross-reference chart can be seen specially designed for coin/button coin batteries. Through the chart, you can see diameter, height, replacements/equivalents.

Cylindrical batteries       

Cylindrical batteriesOne of the most common batteries used worldwide is cylindrical batteries. It is used in key chain flashlights, as well as remote control devices like scooters, bikes, electrical tools, etc. They are divided into 2 group types- rechargeable batteries or secondary and non-rechargeable batteries or primary. Both group features offer various capacities, nominal voltages, and shelf lives.

The primary cell has a nominal voltage is 1.5v. They can be alkaline, carbon-zinc. They are large capacity and lightweight. They are also known as high-power devices and used in the camera, flashlights, and other similar devices.

Cylindrical lithium batteries             

Cylindrical lithium batteriesThey are commonly known as rechargeable lithium batteries in a cylindrical shape with 3.3-3.7v as nominal voltage. Some of the models available can be primary non-chargeable batteries and secondary rechargeable batteries. If you wish to buy a cylindrical battery, then always ensure you see voltage, battery size, chemistry, capacity, and discharge current, with protective circuitry presence.

Topside type- the cylindrical lithium battery can be the topside battery.

Protective electronic– many of the models are available with protective electronics that check current parameters and status of the battery such as discharging/charging voltage and current, and temperature. Based on electrodes, electrolytes, and construction the batteries can be named. But in general, they are a lithium-ion polymer, lithium polymer, lithium ion and similar.

One can check the cross reference chart so as to get an overview of height, diameter, and replacements and equivalents.

Small rectangular batteries

Small rectangular batteriesThe small rectangular batteries are available in various chemistries and sizes. They are slowly phased out. The nominal voltage can vary based on different chemistries and check in the documentation. Similarly, the user can check the cross reference chart for small rectangular batteries.

From where to buy a battery

Online stores are the no.1 multi-brand battery stores that offer 100% genuine batteries along with warranty certificate. The online store aims to create a distinct or wide brand that caters customers with comprehensive battery ranges with installation and free home battery delivery in few hours.

Given below are few tips that would allow you to get the best and reliable battery as per your needs or requirements.

Be attentive- when it comes to replacing a battery, you need to be very attentive. You need to choose a battery type that suits your need and includes low maintenance. Proper researching as well as convenient scheduling is a need or advised by the experts.

Replace your old one with new one- when it’s time to choose the old one with new one always make sure that, the details of the battery should match otherwise you get wrong battery type. In addition to this, you waste your money.

Compare warranties- the longest free replacement duration makes picky. So, in order to get the best battery type, you need to compare warranties with a prorated period. For example, free replacement duration of around 24 hours indicates that the battery has 84 months prorated period.


Online stores are the best as it holds a comprehensive range of battery types that are tested. The test followed checks the recharging and draining over a certain period of time. They also see when a battery type meets amperage limit and voltage limit so as to meet real-life demand or not.

CCA test and manufacturer test checks whether a particular battery type can work in various temperature ranges or not.

Battery cross reference chart must be seen before you stream through online stores for buying.