criminal lawyer

A defense lawyer has multiple duties. He handles different cases like assault, battery, child pornography, dui, DCF investigation, arraignments, appeal, Bulgary and many more. The reliable lawyer is efficient in performing his duties, provide 24/7 service, provide flexible payment plan and guarantee to provide success in the case. The well-experienced professional can handle tough and complicated cases comfortably. Therefore, the client can trust and take the services confidently.

A defense lawyer has a responsibility to provide justice to the victim. He takes proper steps and by using his experience as well as knowledge to resolve the case. When the client contacts with the criminal lawyer, he will get services in the following way so that there are 100% chances to win the case

Meeting with Client

When someone contacts to the lawyer, he arranges the meeting with the client. It is very important to describe each and every aspect of the incidence. No matter either it is the case of assault or battery crime, the lawyer has complete knowledge to handle such type of case. Even rape cases are handled efficiently. Lawyer ask different questions from the client. It is the duty of the victim to describe in detail the background of the case so that it will become easy to reach the depth of the case. It is very important, as the client can provide many clues for the case. For example, for the case of child pornography, if the victim child explains about all the incident then it becomes easy for the lawyer to reach to the depth of case and resolve it efficiently.

Collection of Evidence

After discussing with the client, the next step the defense lawyer takes is the collection of the evidence. He by himself or by the help of his sources visit the place of incidence to get evidence. He takes help of the police as well as a forensic laboratory to confirm about the matter. He even takes fingerprints and some other evidence that is required to strengthen the case. The lawyer takes help of the police department to provide all the signs and components that can prove the case in favor of his client.

Meeting with witness

The witness is the core part of any criminal case. If the lawyer finds the right witness then more than half case become in favor of his client. Therefore, while collecting the evidence, meeting with the witness is very important. The lawyer with the help of the client and police visit the witness place and convince to describe the detail of incidence. To reach the depth of the situation, the lawyer uses some tricks and strategies so that witness explains the incidence confidently. Some lawyers who have to prove their case even give some fare to witness to speak in court in favor of the victim.

Preparation of Documents

Once all the evidence and the statements are collected, the lawyer prepared the proper file. He adds the report of evidence like blood report, forensic reports, and other related evidence. Along these recorded statements are kept. In this time of modern era, some lawyers keep the voice recording or the video evidence to prove their case. Therefore, the successful lawyer has the complete list of witness and strong evidence that help him to win the case.

Hearing Session

The next step after the competition of the documents related to evidence and the witness situation is the hearing session. The lawyer handles the case wisely and first listen to the defender and then according to situation call his victim to prove his case.

Responsibilities of the defense lawyer during the whole hearing session are crucial. He has to be active and must be quick responding to every situation. During the court session, he has to keep himself calm and ask questions to different witness according to the situation. When the case is difficult the experienced lawyer by keeping in mind history of their previous cases remain calm to handle the case. It is the experience and the situation handling ability that help the lawyer to win the case. He remains calm most of the time in order to maintain the decorum of the court and become aggressive only when the judge permit to do so.