A logo is one of the most important parts of a company. It attracts people’s attention and it also becomes your company identity. Therefore, when you Create a logo, you need to make sure you create the best logo that can represent your business. This is where you need the best service and tool to do that. And, Turbologo is the answer. Why must this service?

Easy-to-use Logo Maker

Turbologo provides the easiest way to make a logo. You don’t need to use complicated design software. Everything can be done via the online tool provided by this service. Furthermore, the process is quite easy to follow.

What you need is just entering the company name that you want to put in your logo. Optionally, you also can add your company’s slogan/motto on your logo. Then, choose the field/industry where you run your company. Choose the color theme and icon, and voila. You got the logo that you need.

Free to Create and Edit

This logo maker service allows you to create a logo for free. You can create as many as you want. All the logos that you have created will be stored in your account. With an easy way to make a logo, you won’t have any problem adding more logos in your logo database. Then, you can pick the logo that you like to download and use.

The editing feature is also the same. It is free to use. Once your logo is created, you will have several options of the logo based on the elements you choose before, such as the icon, color, and others. Now, you just need to choose any logo that you want to edit. And, Turbologo will provide an online editing tool for you to use for free.

The editing tool is pretty much adequate for proper logo editing purposes. It has the shape tool, text tool, color-changing, and many other tools you can use to change one element or the whole logo. You can even make a completely new logo using this tool. It’s up to you.

Every time you make a change to the initial logo, the editing tool will save it automatically. Then, you can review and reedit it by opening it through your account desktop. In short, in just one Turbologo service, you will find all the tools that you need to create an amazing logo.

High-Quality Icons and Fonts to Use

As you might already see, Turbologo provides a hundred choices of icons and fonts you can use for free. They are all already bought and copyrighted under this logo creator service. Therefore, even though you use those icons or font style for your official company logo, you won’t need to worry about the law matter. It’s all legal to use.

Furthermore, the icons are also available for all business fields that existed today. So, it doesn’t matter whether you run an IT business, art business, or even agriculture business, you will find the proper icon to represent your business field.

The font style is also available in many types. If you are looking for a straight, formal, and powerful font to represent your company vision, you can find it at Turbologo. Or, if you want to get the font to write your logo in a casual, fun, and happy manner, this service also has what you need.

Affordable Prices

Even though creating and editing services are free to use, you still need to pay, when you want to download the logo that you want. It is reasonable, though. This company buys the icons and fonts usage copyright. So, you also need to pay the fee to use that. Furthermore, the designer service that helps you to match that icon, color, and text to create the logo also is not free.

However, the prices are affordable. There are three plans you can use, which are Lite, Standard, and Business. Each of them offers different advantages and features. We recommend you to use the Business plan, which is the best plan, as it will give you so many benefits.

That’s everything that you need to know about Turbologo, the best logo generator out there. It is indeed a great partner for you who need to create a high-quality logo easily. Try it now and get your logo!