Car Crash

If you are facing any injury for a car crash due to negligence of the other driver, you have the right to get compensated for the damage. You need to ensure that you are protecting those rights. While compensation would not take away your injuries, the money will definitely reduce your financial rights.

After you get medical attention, you should consider hiring a personal injury attorney. If the driver of the other vehicle was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, then that person will need to talk to a Galveston criminal defense attorney.

Your car accident attorney may help secure compensation for the damages and injuries that you have endured. But when is the right time to hire an attorney? Keep reading to find out.

#1. The insurance company is not on your side as you think

While we believe that insurance companies have our optimum interest in mind, their top-most aim is to keep their company’s costs down and reduce overhead, which means that your interests do not align with the company’s. However, hiring an attorney ensures that you have an advocate to protect your rights.

#2. You may not know about all the damages you are entitled to

There is a wide range of damages that you may deserve. You will not only be able to get compensation for your medical expenses but also will be able to recover the lost wages. You are also entitled to get compensation against emotional distress, and pain and suffering. If the accident leaves you incapacitated, your family members may be able to obtain compensation for losing your companionship.

#3. The settlement options can confuse you 

Many cases settle out of the court. This implies that the insurance company may make you an offer. If you do not have an attorney, you will not be able to comprehend if the offer they are making is less than the court. And once you agree and accept the settlement, you lost your right to sue.

#4. Proving liability is difficult 

Determining which party was responsible for the crash can be difficult. You will have to prove that they not only breached the duty of care but also their breach lead to your injuries. In such a case, hiring a personal injury attorney with years of experience will increase your chances of proving the important things in order to win your case.

#5. You can lose money if you fail to hire an attorney

If you do not sue in time, or you do not follow the particular rules of the state you are living in for filing the lawsuit, you may end up losing your right completely to file such a case. This could lead to you receiving zero compensation, or you having to accept your insurance provider’s offer. And this offer can be a lot less than what you would receive in court if you had a professional representing your rights.

#6. Filing a lawsuit is not easy 

If you decide that the best option is to sue the other driver for compensation, it is not as simple as it may sound. You have to follow a bunch of complex rules as well as deadlines that you must meet. If you have a personal injury lawyer, you will be following all the rules and always meet the deadlines so you do not miss the opportunity to file the lawsuit.