Moving Box

The thought of moving to your new home after you’ve sold your house is certainly exciting. However, this excitement may easily be ruined when the time comes for the actual moving. Packing your items and moving to a new home is quite stressful and expensive.

You have to budget for paying the moving company, getting some new furniture, and sometimes packing boxes which can handle the weight of your items and safeguard them from breakages while in transit.

Moving boxes can get quite expensive, but you can get them for free and save a substantial amount of money. Below are some of the places you can easily obtain moving boxes for free and cut on the overall moving expenses.

#1. Office Buildings

Offices’ usually require lots of supplies which are typically packed and shipped with strong and robust boxes to protect the equipment or material while on shipment. You can look out for offices around your home and visit the office supply store to ask for sturdy boxes to pack your items. Office boxes are ideal for packing fragile items which are prone to breakages. Boxes for office equipment are usually durable with leads, and therefore you should consider them first.

#2. Liquor Store

Liquor drinks are usually shipped in small, sturdy boxes to safeguard the bottles from breakage. They are quite sturdy and durable and can withstand rough handling during packing and movement in the truck. Therefore, you can use them to pack fragile items such as glass utensils or any other fragile items. Visit a local liquor store and request for used packing boxes.

#3. Local Retailers

Since retailers ship in their items from manufacturers, you can easily find free moving boxes from them. Several retailers, including warehouse clubs, fast food restaurants, dollar shops, grocery stores, pet stores, among others have lots of clean and strong packing boxes which they are willing to dispose of. You can visit any of the retailer shops and ask for free packing boxes; they will undoubtedly be more than willing to offer you some boxes as they get rid of them.

#4. U-Haul Connect

U-Haul Customer Connect is a new service established by U-Haul that lets you search for free moving boxes around you at the comfort of your home. With this service, you can easily connect with people who have just moved to their new homes and have finished unpacking and are willing to get rid of their boxes. You just key in your city or zip code, and you’ll find lots of packing boxes absolutely for you.

#5. Pharmacy or Chemist

Pharmacies usually have packing boxes which were used to ship drugs or any other goods to them. The boxes usually come in different sizes (small, medium, and large) and are durable enough to safeguard your fragile items. It’s, however essential to track their shipments and book the boxes before they break them down and dispose of them. These boxes are sturdy enough and can be stacked to fit in your car easily.

#6. Bookstores

Large bookstores, as well as locally-owned bookstores, also have tons of boxes you can obtain and pack your items when moving to your new home. These boxes may be quite small, but you can use them to pack smaller items, including books or your personal art collection.

#7. Craigslist and Freecycle

Craigslist is an online marketplace where you can virtually find anything from jobs to houses for sale. Don’t worry if you are not willing to spend any money as there is a “Free” section where users post items; they are willing to give away for free. Freecycle network is also similar to Craiglist, and you can use it to find free stuff in your community. Most people who have just moved to their new home and want to dispose of the boxes usually post them in these networks. You can, therefore, easily land free packing boxes on these networks.

#8. Community Groups

Community groups such as Facebook Groups and usually have a “Classifieds” section where you can easily land free, including moving boxes. Someone within the community may have packing boxes they are willing to dispose of for free. You can easily DM them and arrange to collect the boxes.

To conclude, moving to your new home is sometimes expensive but you can cut the cost by using free packing boxes which can easily be obtained from the above places. Just remember to be kind when asking for packing boxes from these places as its not always a guarantee they will give you for free. They are just doing you a favor, and you should appreciate it.