Wheel Buying Guide

It is possible to spend as much or as little as you want on wheels designed for driving off road. While there are leaders in every off-road wheel category, the best wheels for your Jeep, truck or other off-roading rig depend entirely on your preferred driving style and the terrain on which you drive. This buying guide recommends what to look for in wheels for off-road activities and vehicle customization.

Decide On a Material

The most common materials for off-road wheels are cast aluminum, forged aluminum and steel. Steel and forged aluminum are much harder than cast aluminum or alloys. Material strength can prove helpful in challenging situations that you may encounter off road. In addition to selecting a wheel material, you may also want to seek out the right Jeep wheels for the terrain.

Confirm Fit

Fit is a primary concern when shopping for wheels. Detailed specifications such as bolt patterns and back space may determine whether or not a particular design is right for your ride. If your drivetrain and suspension still consist primarily of stock parts or have comparable measurements, you may be able to find wheels that fit by entering the make, model and year of your vehicle into a search tool on the online store of a reputable auto parts retailer. If you have added lift to your vehicle, it may be more challenging to find wheels and Jeep all terrain tires.

Get a Good Deal

Once you determine which type of material and size of tire you are most interested in, you are ready to start comparing wheel prices. You may find that some retailers offer discounts for buying a set of four wheels. Look for off road shops near me to learn more about wheels. Depending on the auto parts retailer, it may be possible to order parts for delivery or in-store pickup.