Extra Skin After Weight Loss

You’ve done a great job at getting rid of your weight and are ready for the new you. The only problem is that you have a lot of skin that was stretched out when you were larger and now it won’t snap back. As elastic as skin can be, it does get to a point when it is overstretched and just stays extended.

That loose skin could be the thing that is still holding you back mentally from feeling good about your weight loss. In fact, some people will end up regressing because they didn’t get the victory they were hoping for.

Before you go about falling off of the weight loss wagon and give up on your journey, take some time to look at your options. Plastic surgery of course is one of them depending on how much skin you have to deal with.

In this article, I will go over the types of procedures that are available to you. According to www.spamedica.com, these are the types of surgeries you will likely be considering.

Tummy tuck

When you were very heavy, most of your fat was likely stored in your abdomen. Then when you lost a considerable amount, this is where your skin will likely be sagging the most.

No matter how much exercise you do, you will likely have lots of skin hanging there that won’t go away.

You can remove the excess skin with a tummy tuck. The surgeon will remove the excess skin and then pull it tight to give you a more defined look. The way it works is that two incisions are made on either side of your abdomen.

The skin is removed from the muscles, which are then sewed closer together for a more slim profile. Then the excess skin is removed and tightened around the muscles. Recovery can take a while and be uncomfortable. Expect to recover for at least a few weeks up to a couple of months.

Arm lift

Another area that sees sagging skin that doesn’t seem to go away is under the arms. There is a specific surgery to remove this skin called a brachioplasty.

The procedure is far less invasive than a tummy tuck as the incision is very discreet and not noticeable when you’ve recovered. In some cases excess fat that would affect your arms’s definition will also be removed so the skin can be tight against the muscle and look well defined.

Thigh lift

The area around the buttocks is another point that seems to have lots of excess skin and people feel insecure about after surgery. It is difficult to have a lean and tight figure in a bathing suit for instance when there is a lot of excess skin on your thighs.

The procedure is very similar to the arm lift as the incision doesn’t need to be very big to tighten the skin. Once it is tighter to the muscle, you’ll end up with a more sculpted look and definitely shapelier.