VulkanRT (Vulkan Runtime Libraries) is good to uninstall it from your computer or not. Let’s find out!

The fear of the unknown is one of the worst kinds of fears!

And we are not talking about personal experiences. We are talking about programs  magically appearing on our computers. How did they get installed? What are they?  The questions are endless. One such program is the Vulkan RT or Vulkan Runtime Libraries.

First of all, don’t panic. It is okay to be worried, but it is not okay to overreact and  rush to delete it. We understand that you may think it is a virus, but chances of it  being utterly harmless are just as good. This is why learning about it is important before taking any further steps. And, that is exactly what we are going to help you  with today.

Introducing VulkanRT

It is a cross-platform 3D graphics API. It usually comes along with video cards. It  was developed by Khronos Group and has the capacity to operate on multiple operating systems, including Android, Linux, iOS, and Windows.

The software is quite essential for real-time applications, especially in 3D. These  include video games and similar interactive media.  Its function is actually quite simple. It gives more control to the CPU over the GPU,  just like Direct3D and Mantle do. This means that multi-threading is more  efficient, and the graphics are rendered in a simpler way.

Where is the API located?

You will find VulkanRT in a folder in your Program Files. However, the path or  position may vary based on your operating system. We have the steps for Windows 8 and 10 here for you:

Windows 8 

  1. Click on Start
  2. Type Control Panel and press Enter
  3. Search for Programs and Features
  4. Open it
  5. Locate the VulkanRT API

Windows 10 

  1. In the search bar, you can directly type Apps and Features
  2. The list of pre-packaged applications will open up
  3. You can use the search functionality, now, to find the software program

If you don’t find it, chances are that you don’t have it.

Main features of VulkanRT

  • It helps you use high-end graphics with ease, even on your mobile phone.
  • It reduces driver overhead along with the burden on the CPU. When the CPU does not feel an excessive burden, it can focus on rendering and computation to speed things up.
  • You can use it on multi-core processors. Other similar applications do not offer this flexibility.
  • Operation is more seamless and quick with the VulkanRT.
  • You can use it on various platforms, as aforementioned. The reason why we are emphasizing this is that many other applications are not so flexible.
  • You can manage graphical shaders and computing kernels with this API,  without needing an additional program.

How did the VulkanRT API get installed on your computer?

Sure, it seems like a good program, but it is still not clear how it got installed,  right? That’s still daunting. We have the answer, though.

Did you recently update your AMD or NVIDIA GPU drivers? Well, that’s when the  program established itself on your computer.

Another, less common possibility is that it came with one of the games you  downloaded. Many games need VulkanRT, and a few do not even work without it.

Also, we recently discovered that almost all Windows 10 computers have VulkanRT  by default!

Is VulkanRT a virus or malware?

Actually, No. It’s not a virus or malware. The original API is completely safe and useful. It is not something that you should be worried about at all.

However, there are rumors that fake programs that impersonate VulkanRT may exist. These are programs you should worry about. If you are not a gamer and if you haven’t updated your drivers and yet, VulkanRT appears on your computer, it may not spell trouble. Don’t delete it. It will not harm your PC or software.

Should you remove VulkanRT?

Why would you? It is clear from the discussion above that VulkanRT is necessary for games to run. It is not harmful and will not have any negative effects on your machine. As long as you are sure that it is the original software program, you can also ignore the warning signs from your anti-virus program.

Final thoughts 

There’s absolutely nothing to worry about. VulkanRT is SAFE. In fact, it is more  than just safe. It is helpful and necessary in many cases. So, we request you not to  act on it and run to delete it. If you do, a few games may not even work for you anymore.

Do you have more doubts about the software program? Is there some confusion?  Feel free to talk to us. You can either comment on this post or reach out to us, and  we will be happy to help.