Water Fountain

Have you wanted to add something unique to your garden? Maybe you’ve been searching for the perfect outdoor water feature but don’t know when to start? In this article, we are going to talk about some of the top tips for making sure you pick the perfect water fountain for your yard.

First thing’s first, it’s always important to take a step back and look at your garden. Do you have room for a significant feature or a small feature? Is your garden smooth or bumpy? All of these questions will help you decide where to place your fountain and if you require any additional work done to pave or change the landscape of your yard.

If you have decided that your yard is fit for a water feature, and you’ve chosen the location, make sure you measure the space! Measuring the area is essential so that you can select a design that will fit and compliment your garden well. If you don’t have a large garden, you can always opt for a small feature or even a wall fountain.

When considering the location of the fountain, you also want to make sure that you are located near a water source and power. Without this, that spectacular fountain may not work!

Are you after something a bit more environmentally friendly? You can always take a look at solar fountains that run from the power of the sun! This is a great way to lower your electricity bill, and you can always hide the panel amongst some gorgeous flowers.

Next, you have to find your design style. Are you after something to suit your zen garden? Or something more classical and elegant? Finding your style and implementing it throughout your garden will ensure that your yard stands out of the crowd.

After this, it’s time to think about what your requirements are? Some fountains attract birds, and others scare away unwanted creatures. Are you after something that makes a peaceful trickling sound? Or something more dramatic and constant? Make a list of what you would like in your garden; this will allow you to even out the options so that you can find something you want.

Next, it’s time to take your pick! There are so many different varieties and styles of water fountains that it can be hard to choose. Take your time with the process and refer back to your list of requirements so that you can tick all your boxes. Always remember to ask for help and do your research, so you can find the perfect piece to complement your garden. Some of the most popular fountain types include:

  • Bubbling Rock Fountain
  • Cascading Fountains
  • Tiered Fountains
  • Birdbath Fountains
  • Spurting Fountains
  • Japanese Bamboo Fountains
  • Disappearing Fountains
  • Pool Fountains

So there you have it! After choosing your fountain, the size and location, it’s time for the big reveal! Or if you are doing this yourself, the building starts! Make sure to always do your research before installing a fountain, and communicate with professionals if you aren’t sure how to complete the process. Now it’s time to have fun! And enjoy the tranquil environment that you have created by adding a gorgeous garden centerpiece.