Tempered glass

Tempered glass is used in modern commercial and residential buildings for different purposes. Due to the demand to create livings paces that are cozy and sleek, tempered glass has gained popularity across the world.  With the introduction of the material in the construction of homes, there is an elegant environment created which makes a house stand out. Tempered glass within a house is used in the creation of exterior walls which are more exposed to strong winds and other external forces. When deciding on the locations to use tempered glass, it is essential for homeowners to consult with interior designers among other professional contractors.

What Is Tempered Glass?

Tempered glass is almost four times stronger than the standard glass. In the production of the glass, it is subjected to high temperatures and a lot of chemicals. The temperatures and chemicals react to cause tension and compression on either side of the glass panes. The higher the temperature the glass is exposed to, the stronger it gets.  Tempered glass has mostly been used in creating glass walls within homes due to the ease of installation. Just like any other glass, the tempered type cannot be easily noticed by looking. It is most noticeable through the resistance to strong forces. It is, therefore, suitable to be used in environments that experience high pressure regularly.

Modern house owners have identified tempered glass as a material that can be used for a wide variety of functions. They may decide to use it for their shower enclosures, shower doors, main house doors, and house walls among other locations. The strength of the glass makes it a reliable material for many homeowners. They can save on money when using tempered glass as compared to the standard glass which can easily break.

Common Uses Of Custom Tempered Glass

Tempered glass can be customized according to the needs of the buyer. The cutting is carefully done using modern technology making it accurate and safe. Handling glass manually when cutting it to custom designs may be risky for many people.  To avoid this, there are technologies which help in cutting tempered glass automatically. Due to their unique characteristics as safety glasses, they are used in different places as described below.

Automotive windshield

Every automotive utilizes glass as a  windshield. The reason for using glass as a windshield is because it allows the drivers to see clearly. Tempered glass is the common material used in the production of vehicle windshields. Ideally, tempered glass breaks into small rectangular pebbles when there is a significant impact. If another type of glass is used, when it shatters, it could cause injuries due to the shapes of the remaining pieces.  The high rate of accidents in the modern world has led to the tempered being more preferred due to it being safer during impact. Through this, many lives have been saved as compared to when other types of glass were traditionally used.

Stair railings

In the construction industry, whether at home or in a commercial building, there are glass panels installed on the sides of the railings. The glass has to be strong enough to withstand wear and tear due to constant movements and interference by human traffic. A custom tempered glass is usually used for this due to its ability to resists scratching and hence withstanding wear and tear. In addition to the glass being used as a safety measure, it also makes the railings and the buildings where they are placed to be attractive and more modern. The custom tempered glass, therefore, plays the role of modernizing the structural elements as well as improving the safety.

House walls

Having glass within the home environment creates a   statement of luxury. Many people have turned to using glass so that their living spaces can be more comfortable in the long run. However, not any type of glass can be used in the setting up of walls of a house. The glass needs to be strong. For this reason, homeowners opt to have custom tempered glass for their homes to maintain security and elegance. Homeowners should consider the trendy glass designs for homes as they help in ensuring that there is uniqueness and the homes look more modernized.

Glass top tables

It is almost becoming a norm to have a table that has a glass top. Glass top tables are used as accessories within homes to create a comfortable and attractive environment. When there are glass tables within a home, the cleaning also becomes easy as stains rarely form on the glass surfaces. A custom tempered glass should, however, be prioritized in making table glass tops especially where there is a lot of human activity. The resistance of the glass to breaking and scratch would make it durable in environments where human activity is high. Homeowners mostly use tempered for patio tables due to the exposure they have too high temperatures and action of strong winds.

Office partitioning

It has been known that working in an office which has more glass than wood makes the environment comfortable and welcoming. The office remains neat and clean since the material is easy to clean and specks of dirt are easy to identify. Office partitions need to be strong sine there is a lot of human activity. A custom tempered glass is the most popular material used for the partitioning. Many office owners order custom tempered glass direct from manufacturers so that they can specify the strength they require. This is particularly for offices that are located in high rise buildings that may be affected by strong winds. Skyscrapers also have large glass windows made of tempered glass.

What factors should one consider before ordering a custom tempered glass?

Custom tempered glass can be ordered directly from the manufacturer or the supplier. When large quantities are needed the manufacturer is the most appropriate supplier. However, when only a small quantity is required, visiting a local supplier would be appropriate. There are many other considerations that should be considered by the homeowner or the contractor to ensure they make the best designs in the long run.

The purpose of the custom tempered glass

Custom tempered glass comes in different thickness. The thickness is dependent on the purpose of the glass. When the glass is being used in the construction of simple things such as glass top tables, then it does not require too much thickness. When the glass is to be used for the home exterior walls, the thickness should be bigger. This would help in ensuring that they are not vulnerable to strong external forces. At all times, homeowners should consult designers to know the exact thickness of the material the custom glass they need. Having wrong thickness would be wasteful as wrong glass would be purchased.

The size of the glass required

When making custom tempered glass, there is a need to understand and have the exact measurements of what is required. Taking measurements is a crucial exercise which should be accurately done. The glass cutters of manufacturers concerned with making custom tempered glass require accurate measurements so that they can provide what satisfies the client. However, when the homeowner does not provide accurate measurements, they may end up with either a smaller or larger custom tempered glass which may not be appropriate to be used for the initial purpose.

The design on the glass

Different designs may be incorporated into the custom tempered glass depending on the needs of the homeowners. The tempered glasses used in making home walls usually are patterned to provide a trendy look to the modern houses. There are many ways through which the glass may be designed, but all depends on the budget estimates of the homeowner. When a homeowner is willing to invest in better designs, the custom tempered glass would be more appealing and attractive to be used in the house.

The existing budget

Ordering custom tempered glass requires that an extra cost is paid by the homeowner. Different approaches should be considered when deciding on the budget to be used before ordering the custom tempered glass. When the glass is needed for safety, then it would be appropriate to ensure that the right amount is invested. Having a strongly secured home makes it comfortable for the people within. The budget should not be a reason for homeowners to compromise on the security of their homes.

Things to do when ordering a custom tempered glass

Avoid shopping online

Making online purchases has been a common trend today. Most people in society prefer shopping online due to the convenience offered. However, shopping online for custom tempered glass could be a huge mistake. It is always essential for homeowners to meet with the suppliers of the custom tempered glass so that they can explain their needs in person. This eliminates any confusion, and the owner gets exactly what they need. Sometimes, it may be necessary to provide the supplier or designer with illustrations or images of designs so that they are accurate when making them.