Dual Pane Windows

In modern architecture,  glass panels are commonly used in the design and installation of windows and doors. They are considered to create a welcoming and warm atmosphere in contemporary homes. The use of glass has gained popularity mostly in eh 21st century because many people want to make their homes trendy and elegant. Interior designers and architects work together to ensure they introduce designs and ideas that meet the construction needs of many homeowners today. Glass material is used in the construction of both residential and commercial structures. For instance, skyscrapers which are mostly used for the offices commonly use glass materials to construct their walls. This allows natural light to go through to the offices and the workers can work comfortably. Dual pane windows have also gained popularity over the past years due to their unique characteristics. They are used for both commercial and residential buildings.

What are dual pane windows?

Ideally, the single glass panels are mostly known by a large population. They are used for the production of normal window panes that are installed in a home or office windows and doors. Double pane glass panels consist of two single glass panels that are put together to form a single pane. There is a hollow space between the two glass panes and is filled with air. The air is used as an insulator so that the glass pane can work perfectly in controlling temperatures in and out of a house.

What are the main components of A dual pane window

The spacers

It is common knowledge that when glass panes are placed in contact with each other, they may crack or shutter. When creating a dual pane glass panel, there are compressors that are set between them. The panes ensure that there is equal spacing between the glasses especially when there is more than one layer. Ideally, the spacers are placed at particular points of the glass panels to avoid interference of the sight of the homeowners once they are installed.

The air gap

Dual pane windows are mostly known for their insulation capabilities. When being produced, the space left between the glass panels is filled with air that is a   good conductor. Designers mostly use argon or krypton as they are known to be good insulators of heat. They are ideal to be used in both commercial and residential windows.

The glass panes

The glass panes of different thicknesses are fixed to form the dual pane windows.  The thickness to be used is dependent on the use of the glass and the position of installation. It is the responsibility of the designer to recommend the most suitable thickness to be used in the creation of the window glass panes.

Is it worth to have dual pane windows in a home compared to traditional windows?

Most homeowners get confused whether to install the dual or the traditional windows in their houses. The decision on whether to install the traditional or the trendy dual pane windows should be based on many factors. It is a common challenge that many owners need advice on before installing windows and doors in their homes. Many others make the mistake of installing the traditional windows and end up suffering losses in the future. Being future oriented could help a homeowner save a lot of money when they install the dual pane window. If you are one of those homeowners who still wonder whether to install the traditional or the dual pane windows, the below facts about the dual pane windows may be helpful.

They are good heat insulators

The weather conditions during summer can be tormenting. The temperatures are too high for people to stay in comfort. It is that time of the year that everybody is looking to beat the beach just to enjoy the cold water and the breeze from the ocean. What about the people who like staying indoors? Does using fans and air conditions do the magic in cooling the homes? Of course not completely. The installation of double-paned windows is useful in regulating the temperatures within the house during the summer season. Ideally, when the heat is too much outside, the air between the glass panels prevents it from getting into the house. In the process, the inside of the house remains cool and comfortable during the summer seasons.

Good for the winter season

The winter season is characterized by cold weather. Gong outside the house requires that individuals be warmly dressed in heavy clothing. This can be hectic at times.  Mostly, it becomes also old within the house, and homeowners are forced to use electric heaters to raise the temperatures of their houses. Without heaters, staying comfortable in the pace would become challenging. When there are double pane windows installed in a house, the winter season may be overcome. The argon or krypton gas in the gap between the glass panels prevents from the house being cold by not allowing heat loss to the outside. This has been a popular technique of building in modern society especially in the temperate regions.

Sound insulator

Houses that are located in noisy places may require dual panes windows for the purpose of creating a silent environment. In an office environment, employees work best when the atmosphere is conducive for them. A conducive environment can only be guaranteed when there is silence within their working stations. For this reason, there has been needing to install dual pane windows to prevent noise from outside entering office spaces. Also, this can be used in houses that are located in noisy places. Townhouses situated in high traffic regions require dual pane windows for the comfort of the occupants. In addition to this, the dual pane windows are installed in entertainment joints that have high sounds. They prevent the high sounds from getting to residential areas in the surrounding environment. However, soundproof materials are installed together with the dual pane windows in entertainment spots to make it effective at all times.

Factors to be considered when installing the dual pane windows in a home

Installing dual pane windows would require that homeowners should research the benefits of installing them instead of the traditional windows. The dual pane glass panels can be sued for both doors and windows. Homeowners are required to consider the following factors before making decisions on installing dual pane windows.

The energy saving factors

During different climatic seasons, it is executed that winter is cold and homeowners require heating methods so that they can keep their homes comfortable to live in. Homeowners are required to understand the energy saving of the dual pane windows so that they can decide on installing them. Ideally, due to the reduction in the amount of energy that is used in heating the dual house panes should be the best alternative for homeowners. They should not only be useful during the summer and the winter season but anytime the house temperatures require regulation.

The quality of the glass used

Having quality glass being used in the creation of the dual pane windows is an essential factor. Quality glass should be used to ensure there is durability. For most commercial buildings, tempered glass is used because it can withstand wear and tear. Due to the exposure to many human actions, the glass should be toughened enough to withstand any condition. For instance, when used within the home, there may be no much human action, but the high summer temperatures may expose the glass to cracking or breakage. To avoid such occurrences, the tempered glass should be utilized in the production of dual pane windows and glass.

The need to maintain an elegance

The installation of dual pane windows within a home should not compromise the need to create a warm and flashy environment. The glass should be well made so that the house remains attractive at all times. The incorporation of designs and patterns on the glass could be encouraged. Glass is a trendy construction material and should be used to introduce a modern touch to the house instead of compromising it.

The costs of the panes

Dual pane glass panels are expensive than the normal standard glass materials. Depending on the size, thickness and the type of glass that has been used to create the window, the costs may vary. The homeowner should understand every aspect of the cost so that they can make informed decisions. Knowing such information would entail visiting suppliers in their stores and making enquiring, researching online or contacting interior design experts on such elements.

The installation of dual pane windows should be done by experts only. When the glass panels are wrongly installed, they may still allow heat to be lost to the outside during winter, and the house may not remain at the preferred comfortable temperatures. In addition to this, skilled professionals should be contracted to install and repair the dual glass panes. Maintaining would entail checking any leakages that may allow the formation of fog within the air spaces, sealing of cracks or complete replacement of the glass. Despite all this, the elegance and sleekness of the home should still be maintained.