What Is CPQ Software

If your business sells customizable products, then you know how complicated each step of the process can be. From ensuring that your customer has selected the exact configurations that they want for their complex products to manufacturing and pricing them, there are plenty of complicated steps and even more that can go wrong if you aren’t using a reliable system. Instead of trying to track these orders manually or using outdated technology, consider adopting a configure, price, quote (CPQ) application that offers integration with your other solutions.

This is where Configure One can help you reshape your business for the better. They’re a recognized leader in the CPQ industry, and their software solution can help new sales people and experienced users alike navigate the steps between quoting and ordering, not to mention how much easier the software will make things on customers ordering configurable products. Here are the main ways this software can help you and how it works.


Configure One CPQ can make the configuration step easier for you and for your customers. If you run a B2B business, for example, you can help your customers make products specifically for their own brand or other requirements. Maybe you work with a trucking company that needs carefully customized parts for their vehicles. Your software helps them make sure they get exactly what they need in one convenient location.

CPQ solutions work great for traditional businesses, and even online businesses, as well. If you’re thinking about starting an online business, like a custom apparel shop, you’ll definitely need a convenient way for customers to adjust products how they want. With a reliable product configurator, you can let customers adjust products in real-time on a single screen. Customers are visually guided through a simple customization process, and they’ll be able to see what their products will look like every step of the way. This makes for a quick and convenient ordering process, and sharing the data with your other tools boosts order accuracy.


Customers can do more than just configure their products in real-time. They’ll also be given automated updates on prices for whatever options they select with the product configurator. Even better, the CPQ software keeps up with which custom options are compatible, so price updates are always accurate.

Pricing can be done with options you’ve set up with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, if you’ve decided to integrate, via bill of material (BOM) pricing, or you can handle pricing within Configure One. Prices can be adjusted based on items or options, depending on your preference. Real-time pricing lets customers see exactly what they’re paying for with no hassle, speeding up the order process. You can even securely store customized prices for customers you have contracts with.


Configure One CPQ also has the ability to produce dynamic quote documents for every order. These contain more than the order information—they also put your brand identity in the spotlight. This means custom documents with your business name, logo, and any other details you’d like to include. They include all line items and pricing for fully configured products, and they’re generated automatically, freeing up time for experienced and new sales people to work on other projects. A CPQ solution also makes it easy to track and changes in quotes based on who changed them, when they were changed, and other factors.

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Thanks to a fluent API, you can also integrate this solution with Salesforce, NetSuite ERP, or other business systems you’re running to ensure that your data is always synchronized. Data is one of the greatest resources for any business, but this is only the case when it’s up to date and current. By integrating all information on customers, sales, options pricing, orders, quotes, and everything else into one package, you’ll have the most reliable source possible to pull business information from and to use for informed decision-making.