Movement Marketing

Advertising, promotion, and marketing are all part of business strategies that you need to get right for your business to sustain growth over time. While most businesses focus on these strategies for economic growth only, you can leverage your business in movement marketing where your business will not only grow in terms of revenue, but you will also have a chance of making a positive impact in the world. If you get it right, you can etch your brand into your target market’s mindset for a lifetime.

Movement marketing, also referred to as cultural movement, is a business marketing strategy where brands create initiatives that are connected to their business’ vision, rather than just their products. Here is what this strategy can do to your business.

#1. Connect More with Consumers

Movement marketing is about creating visions that resonate with society. Instead of just trying to make a sales pitch about how good your clothing line is, you can instead create a campaign that focuses on the less privileged and show the importance of them having this basic need. You will connect more with the people by showing compassion and care rather than just trying to sell your products. Drawing away from traditional advertising and initiating conversations that bring about solutions to people’s challenges helps you create a strong connection that might last a lifetime.

#2. Strong Brand Advocates

Word of mouth has traditionally been the best way of creating awareness about anything. It is still one of the best and authentic ways of advertising your brand. customers tend to believe their close acquittances more when they talk about a particular brand, then when they hear the same from generic advertising.

When you initiate a strong movement marketing campaign, you, in essence, create a team of strong advocates for your brand. As long as they see a genuine concern, they will talk endlessly about your brand, and thus expanding your market.

#3. Free Advertising

Movement marketing initiatives can be costly when starting, and might seem daunting since you are never sure how they are going to turn out. However, as long as you identify a just cause, and stay true to your commitment, they eventually pay off.

If you focus on promoting your brand, the campaign can easily fail, but if you focus on connecting with the community, and the community resonates with your genuine concern, then you will eventually get a lifetime of free advertising. It all requires genuineness, tact, and patience.

#4. Increased Sales

While you will be focusing on creating initiatives that provide solutions to society’s challenges, it should not escape your mind that you also need to grow your business. Business growth can only be attained by making sales that give you profits. Without such growth, it would not be possible to run these campaigns, so it is rather a balancing act. If you get your initiative right, you not only create a social and emotional connection, but you also establish a market that will most likely purchase most of your products. You will increase sales with this kind of marketing than from conventional advertising.