Being injured is very painful and inconveniencing on its own, so it is bad enough without the fact that we are required to rest when we are injured. There is no other way to let your injury heal than by resting and not exerting yourself physically in any manner.

We, humans, are busy creatures and cannot deal with having anything to do. This is why many injuries lead to mental health issues like depression and anxiety as well. While the physical issues can usually be easily treated, especially because of competent Snellville chiropractors for whiplash and other medical professionals and the resting life, the mental issues tend to stick around. So here are ten things you can do to keep busy when you are injured:


Meditation has been proven even by modern science to be excellent for the mind and body. Certain types of meditation can accelerate your healing as well. Otherwise, you can simply meditate to calm yourself and prevent depression and anxiety from taking hold of you.

The great thing about meditation is that you don’t need to physically exert yourself or find a specific place for it. All you need is some presence of mind and some peace and quiet.


Now, exercising is an excellent way of passing your time and also an excellent way to accelerate the healing of your injury. But this does not mean you begin lifting weights or doing intense cardio while being injured!

Try to take up some yoga or light stretching that you can easily do in your bed. It will keep you from wasting away your muscles and also promote your fitness.

Working from Home

Many workplaces have the option of outsourcing their work to the employer’s home, especially if it does not require their physical presence.

While work can be stressful and it may indirectly harm your injury, if you believe you are in a good state of mind you may allow yourself to get some work done and not fall behind while you are resting.

If your workplace is not willing to let you work from home, you can also pick up some freelancing jobs that you can easily do from home.

Invite People Over

There’s nothing quite like spending time with your friends, especially when you are bored out of your wits! So call over some of your loved ones, preferably those people who you love spending time with.

You can watch movies together, talk about life, catch up on the hottest gossip being spread in the workplace, or anything else that might let you take your mind off the boredom. With close friends, you can do this as often as possible. You can also talk to your friends on call if they are not free to come over and meet you.

Learn a New Craft

If your hands work perfectly well and you can move them around without any strain, you can try learning something new. There are probably hundreds of crafts and skills that you do not know and there will be no better way to get your hands into them.

You can learn a programming language, a language to speak and understand, how to knit, painting, or anything else your heart desires.

Your injury will heal and you will soon be back up on your feet, but the craft will stay with you for as long as you live!

Start a Blog

Again, starting a blog requires you to have both your hands working so you can type. Or, you can ask a friend or a loved one to type for you if you really want to start a blog but cannot type on your own.

The blog can be about anything, your life, everyday incidents, food, books, or personal pieces of writing. While you are resting, get the creative juices flowing in your mind and work on a blog that will blow anyone’s mind.


Even in this age of exceeding advancements in technology, the charm of reading a book is not lost.

There are countless books in the world and so you have plenty of time to read as many as you possibly can in your time on bed rest. Once you start reading something interesting, you are sure to get invested and spend most of your time reading everything you own.

Learn another Language

The main reason why many people shy away from learning a new language is that they do not have the time for it. So while you are on your bed, resting, and the entire internet is at your disposal to learn anything whenever you want, why not learn a new language?

Maybe you can woo a beau by learning French, the language of Love? Or make life easier for you on your next trip to Italy by learning Italian. Learning a new language is only an asset, not a loss at all.

Play Games

The internet is full of games that you can play against online opponents. These include role-playing games, word games, action games, and even board games. When you are playing these games, you are in the spirit of the competition only. It takes your mind off of the mundaneness of your days passing by.

Games do not only mean basic online games, but you can also even whip out your PlayStation, buy some new games, and play them away all day long.

Do Chores

The greatest thing about being on rest is that you do not have to do any chores. However, there are many chores around the house that you can do to keep yourself busy when you are in such agony.

Start taking small steps and cleaning one thing at a time. Staying in a clean and hygienic place will also keep your mind calm since you will not be sitting in clutter all the time.

Chores do not necessarily mean household chores, though. You can catch up on a lot of things that you have been meaning to do but have been putting off because you had no idea when to start.