Concrete Floors

Have you observed that majority of warehouses and commercial spaces use polished concrete floors? In fact, there are even homes that use polished concrete. Why do you think so? The answer is simple, polished concrete floors offer a plethora of benefits. Like any other flooring material, polished concrete has its own fair share of advantages and disadvantages but what makes polished concrete stand out is the very fact that its pros outweigh the cons.

Perhaps the only disadvantage of polished concrete floors is that it can be uncomfortable when you stand on it for long periods of time owing to its hardness. However, there are good reasons why polished concrete are built and designed that way and it’s actually quite advantageous because it makes the floor strong and durable. As for discomfort, this can be easily remedied by simply adding soft mats to certain areas with heavy foot traffic or where your employees spend most of their day standing for long hours. If you are planning to build a warehouse or a commercial space or if your house has an existing concrete floor and you want it polished don’t hesitate to get in touch with a reliable concrete flooring company Southern Illinois. Let’s explore the other benefits of polished concrete floors:

#1. Polished Concrete Floors Are Easy On The Budget

Do you know why polished concrete floors are highly in demand? It’s because they are affordable. Yes, despite its sophisticated look polished concrete is actually cheaper compared to other floor types. In fact, you’ll be surprised to know that the price per square foot is the same as the price of cheap carpets. If you don’t believe us contact at Polished Concrete Company Southern Illinois to confirm how much you’re going to pay to have your floors polished. In addition, your total payment will be greatly reduced if you already have an existing concrete slab.

#2. Polished Concrete Floors Are Highly Durable

Durability is one of its most notable features. The material and the process used allow your polished concrete floors to endure heavy and high foot traffic. In fact, because of its durability it’s the floor of choice in most warehouses where heavy equipment is common. This type of floor is also scratch and chip-free and they are chemical resistant unlike other floors that can get corroded when they come in contact with strong and toxic chemicals like acids and alkalis.

#3. Polished Concrete Floors Last A Lifetime

If you’re looking for a floor that will last for decades this is the floor you need. Polished concrete floors are so durable and strong that they last for centuries! It’s an investment that’s definitely worth every penny. Even if it’s subject to constant foot traffic and comes in contact with heavy equipment polished concrete floor remains intact and strong. Carpeting, laminates, wood and vinyl cannot compare to the durability and strength polished concrete floors have to offer.

#4. Polished Concrete Floors Are Low Maintenance

Another advantage of polished concrete floor is its maintenance. This type of flooring is low maintenance. Unlike other floors that require frequent stripping and wax application, polished concrete floors only need to be mopped and you don’t even have to do it daily because this floor type doesn’t accumulate dirt and dust.

If you are looking for a floor type that will give you amazing benefits that won’t hurt your budget a polished concrete floor is what you need. You can contact Concrete Floor Contractors Southern Illinois to know more about polished concrete floors and ask them for a quotation so you’ll know exactly how much is needed to have your concrete floors polished.

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