solo ads

Traffic generation is a real big thing especially for the promotion of a single product. But there is one quick way to do it. Do you know what the quickest and smartest way to generate traffic is? Well, a newbie may not know this but someone who is in the marketing has at least an idea about it. Solo Ads are what we were talking about. This is the smartest and valuable marketing method to get the traffic quickly. Building an email list for promoting a single product as each email is worth$1.

No matter whether you buy, generate or get them from other best solo ad providers online, what matters is that your mailing list grows faster than before. Solo ads boost the lead generation faster than any other method. However, to yield better results you must do things correctly. This is very crucial for those who have just stepped into affiliate marketing or started their online business.

However, solo ads are underutilized despite offering numerous benefits. Therefore, we have come up with a full guide on this amazing technique for generating leads faster. You will learn everything about solo ads. Before we begin with the strategy let us start with the basics.

Well, what’s a solo ad?

It is a way to deliver your marketing message to a large audience making it a cost-effective way. Unlike other methods, it helps you get thousands of new subscribers for your emails in the fastest and quickest way possible. What’s the concept?

Here a marketer uses resources of other marketers who are successful in the market. You buy ads from that and use their resources. Such marketers already have thousands of subscribers. So, what you do is get their email list and use them to grow your email list. Well, nothing in the world is free so in return for this, you have to pay a small fee. Also, you have to give them a blast email which is a solo ad for promoting your products and offers to the larger number of subscribers they have. However, add a link that takes their subscribers to your email or landing page of the website.

As a result, whenever their subscriber clicks your link they become your subscriber too automatically without even connecting directly to you. Now, there comes a good question- what is the cost of buying from best solo ad providers online.

Is solo advertising expensive?

Well, affordability is the only factor that makes it more appealing than another marketing method for lead generation. Luckily, you get more payment options for buying solo ads. Either pay per open, pay per conversion or pay per click. However, the commonly used option is pay per click as you only pay for those who click on the link.

The real reason behind not using pay per open is that it is easy for ad providers to lure their subscribers to open the link. They do it by having a good subject line. As a result, they earn from you but you don’t get the desired conversation rates.

The worst payment option is pay per conversion. Why? Making money through this is quite complex because revenue generation depends on the conversion rate of the landing page. Providers have no control over this therefore very few of the providers prefer this option.

What about pay-per-click? Traffic is guaranteed in this but your landing page should be capable of getting high conversion rates. So, if your website’s landing page can compete with others then choose this option. However, prices may vary but the typical cost is as low as $0.35 for every single click.

Note that there is no guarantee of getting a list of good quality if you are paying more for the solo ads.

Steps to get started

  • Optin page- Now, here is how to start. Optin page is the first thing to start from. Check how good an optin page for getting high conversion rates. Do a split test to check out its conversion rates.
  • Click tracking- the second step is to use a tool to track the clicks. Several tools for click tracking are available that are not that expensive and also have exciting features such as rotating, cloaking and more. Do it before searching for best solo ad providers online otherwise you have to depend on their tracking services.
  • Funnel set up- a post optin page and an optin page must be included in your funnel. The post optin page is often known as thank you page. Your POP must be good as it is the first page where the subscriber will decide whether to take action or not.
  • Auto responder emails- build an auto responder emails as per the funnel set up. For example- prepare the first email about the product description and rest emails supporting that product.
  • An email swipe- a solo ad provider will ask for an email swipe which they will send to their mailing list either after editing or send it directly. Your email swipe should have information related to the product describing what your subscribers can expect after clicking to the link. It should be like that the subscriber promptly takes action.

Steps for buying 

Get ready with the aforementioned essentials and find the best solo ad providers online in your niche. Some of them ask for a payment upfront while others will ask for the URL of an optin page. it is because they want to give their subscribers the best offers so they will first check your optin page. if they like it then they will make a deal otherwise they won’t. They may give you some suggestions to improve your optin page. Follow them.

If they find its okay then make the payment. You will get a URL for tracking the results of solo ad conversions.

Apart from this, search for someone who gives you results in a specific period. If you get the desired results then only you will get the benefits of solo ads marketing. The best thing is to check the reviews of solo ad providers before buying solo ads.