Tech Items

Tech items such as computers, smart watches, and smartphones are generally expensive to buy. Some of them require you to save up for a number of weeks or months before you can actually afford them.

Luckily, there is an easy way to save without sacrificing your pay so much: coupons. You don’t have to be smart about it. Just play dumb. Here are 10 dumb ways to save on your next tech gadgets purchase using coupons.

#1. Consider Wombling

Some shoppers don’t have the time and energy to collect coupons. So, they would rather drop them on the supermarket floor or the parking lot than keep them. In wombling, your job is to collect them (those for tech items) and use them.

#2. Get the Sunday Newspaper

You may ask, “Why do I have to buy a newspaper every Sunday morning when my objective is to save?” However, it’s important to note that most tech item sellers put coupons on the Sunday paper. So, you have a perfect opportunity to save big.

#3. Check In-Store Magazines

It’s not just the Sunday paper that you should be checking. You can also find tech item coupons in in-store magazines. These magazines are normally free at the supermarkets and you can collect as many as you want.

#4. Buy a Coupon Holder

Maybe you are still wondering, “Why do I have to spend money on a coupon holder when am still looking to save?”. Since you’ll be collecting a number of coupons from different sources you need to keep them safe and in an easy-to-access form. This means buying a coupon holder.

#5. Clip Even Coupons You Don’t Need

It probably sounds crazy to collect coupons that you don’t need. However, this allows you to trade them with those of tech items. If your neighbors and friends (who are couponers) need what you have and they have what you need, exchange.

#6. Form a Coupon Swapping Group

This may seem like a waste of time but may help you and your group members save big. You can form the group online to exchange coupons. Your aim should be to swap coupons that are not for tech items with those that are. Keep an eye at online coupon sites such as to get the latest coupon and promo codes. Usually these sites find the best possible deals and share them. A good idea is to subscribe to the popular coupon sites and get the latest deals delivered directly to your inbox.

#7. Hop from Store to Store

From a time-saving angle, this is really dumb. However, it provides you with the opportunity to redeem your coupons at a store that guarantees massive saving.

#8. Compare Brands

Since tech items prices differ depending on brand, it’s advisable to compare the prices before redeeming coupons. You may waste time but are guaranteed the best saving.

#9. Call to Compliment

The call number on the tech item at home is not just there for complaints. You can also offer a compliment. While at it, you can ask about the availability of coupons. You may land yourself a great deal from such a dumb move.

#10. Carry All Coupons to the Tech Store

Even if you are not sure if the store is running a promo, just carry all your tech coupons when going shopping. There might be an unadvertised offer that you can leverage.


Sometimes, you have to play dumb to save. The above ideas are proof of this. You can use the tips this new year and be able to save huge on tech items. With this in mind, it’s time you start collecting tech coupons if you’ve never considered it.