Ways to Prank Your Friends Online

Whether you’re on Facebook, WhatsApp, or some other social media platform, there are many ways to prank your friends online. There are simple tricks, such as changing the background of a video call, changing a friend’s birthday, or sending a friend a phrase that confuses them. If you are on your Mac, you can also check out CrunchyTricks. Below, we’ve listed the top 7 ways to prank your friends. You can also try them out and see which method works best for you!

Getting an answer from a friend

Getting an answer from a friend when you’re pranking online is not always easy. This is especially true if your friend’s computer is not set up to receive messages from pranksters. You may actually want to consider using a bot, but no one likes receiving messages from an automated system. Instead, you could use an image of a gray typing bubble and have your friend answer it. This trick works perfectly if you know how to control the keyboard.

When you’re pranking a friend online, timing is everything. Make sure you send your texts outside of normal chat times to add to the humor. If possible, respond to your friend’s texts in a realistic manner to maximize the hilarity factor. To make the prank texting experience even more fun, copy one of these 13 examples. Or, you could choose to speak in song lyrics, such as “Hello” by Adele. This kind of prank text can work with any song lyrics.

Changing the date of a friend’s birthday

In case your friend uses Facebook, you can change the date of their birthday to April 1 so that everyone will be sending them birthday wishes on that day. If you want to make this prank as funny as possible, you can also get your friends and family involved. Eventually, they’ll wonder what went wrong. This method requires a lot of teamwork. It involves changing every device that has a date on it or manufacturing a new calendar. You can even break the space-time continuum and send a friend a video of themselves making fun of themselves if you know how to do it.

Creating a fake WhatsApp chat

There are several ways to create a fake WhatsApp chat to prank your friends online. First, you will need to download and set up a fake WhatsApp chat on your mobile device. You can then program messages and set up a fake last seen. Once you’ve set up the fake chat, you can send and receive messages from other users. You can also \ even use your mobile phone’s camera to add pictures to your fake chat.

To make your fake WhatsApp chat, you can follow these steps:

Changing the background of a video call

Changing the background of a video call is an easy way to trick colleagues or friends into thinking you’re somewhere else. Zoom lets you change the background to anything you want it to be. A common prank involves a man who pinned up a piece of paper behind him, making it appear that he’s in another apartment. Students use this trick to sneak out of online classes, too!

Another way to prank your friends online is to change the background of the video feed. This way, you can practically trick people into thinking that you’re on holiday or vacation. You can even record your own video staring at a screen and play it back during the call. To make the trick more authentic, you can also play a cat video in the background. Using deep fake technology, you can show the person that you’re calling a cat video.

Changing the date of a friend’s Facebook status

If you’re looking to prank a friend, changing the date on their Facebook status is a good option. After all, they’ve spent hours updating their profile, so why not make it as annoying as possible? For example, you can make April 1 your friend’s birthday so that everyone will start sending you birthday wishes on that day. You should also involve their family and close friends in the prank, as they’ll wonder what else you’ve done wrong.

You can also take up the benefits of the fact that Facebook allows you to “tag” photos, and you can post pictures of yourself that you don’t necessarily want your friends to see. You can post embarrassing yearbook photos and unrelated pictures. The only real restriction is how far you can go, and you can easily change a friend’s status by changing the date. You can even prank your friends by posting photos of you in a drunken stupor, so be careful!


If you’re planning to prank your friends, you may want to think about a few ideas first. While you can use balloons and water as pranks, you’ll need to take some time to buy the balloons and make sure they don’t freeze if the weather is cold. If you don’t have balloons at home, you can also put a voice activation sign on their favorite appliances, such as the toaster.

If you’re feeling daring, you can use a personal lubricant like clear glue to prank your friends. The result is slimy and greasy hands. You can also use clear glue or water to do the prank. Adding more lubricant to the letter will leave the recipient with sticky, slimy hands. While these pranks can be scary, they’re easy to pull off and won’t even know it’s not real.

Another way to prank your friends is to change their desktop wallpaper. Make the wallpaper contain an embarrassing image, a quote, or an animated character. You can even prank your friends in the workplace. Putting a fake plastic spider on their computer’s desktop will make them feel like their boss is angry with them. A hot cup of chocolate nearby will also cool down the angry coworker. You can also prank your colleagues by telling them a scary story about their boss. This is an excellent idea if you’re about to meet their boss.

Another practical prank is to use a fake lamp. Print a picture of a cockroach or another giant insect and cut it out. Place the cut-out onto the lamp shade. This will make them think the lamp is bugged! This idea will work exceptionally well if you have an arachnophobia roommate. Use clear tape to attach the cut-outs to the lamp shade.