Your Guide to Enable Product Customization on Magento Store

On a daily basis, we come across many advertisements trying to sell products. Do we buy from all of them? No. We only buy from the seller that offers us the best deal on budget. The same thing applies to your customers. Your customers will have ten different options in front of their eyes. They will choose the one that exactly satisfies their thoughts. To be the Magento store that visitors choose, you have to do and be something that other brands are not. One way is to be a brand that offers customized products. Customization will help you lean the visitor on your side and turn them to your customers. Here, we have a complete guide on how you can enable product customization on your Magento store.

How to Find the Right Time to Figure Out Customization in eCommerce Business

Companies have slowly started reworking their business model. The ecommerce sales have also grown up which clearly means that ecommerce businesses are heating up and it’s the time to make  a move. Competition is high in every industry. Customers have choice and multiple options to choose from. To attract customers to your business you have to offer something that others are not offering. Customization is one such option. Customization allows your customers to modify or add small details to the product. They can modify color, add elements like text, design, clipart, images, etc. to their product and make it unique from others. This way, customization gives an opportunity to businesses to thrive in the market with this unique strategy. There are high chances that your visitors might choose your brand over others. But it is also important to understand the challenges that a business faces when they do not have  any special feature like customization.

Nowadays customers do not shop for the product they like directly. They will compare its price and other specifications on 5 different websites. There are also websites that show comparison of products by just adding the product link to it. Once they are done comparing they will order from the website that offers the most at the least price. The other thing is difficulty in finding loyal customers. Gen z are known to change brands every time they purchase as they believe it gives them an opportunity to buy from different collections. So grabbing attention and ensuring that your potential customers stay attached to it is difficult and most companies are facing this issue.

  • Repeat Orders

Businesses are facing difficulty in convincing the visitors to buy their products due to the highly competitive market. Then it is obvious that retaining the customers is even more difficult. Also, for a business to sustain and grow, a loyal customer base is required. To achieve that you need to offer your customers according to their personal preference. Then there are chances that they might stick to you.

  • Failing to Offer Personalized Experience

Offering a custom shopping experience catered specifically according to your customers likes and dislikes is something that your customer can never forget. Offering customization features on your ecommerce store can help you improve the shopping experience. The added advantage to this is that you will be able to engage more with your customers and also encourage them to purchase from your brand. To help you out with this a Magento 2 product designer tool can help you sell custom products on your ecommerce store. The tool will work as a personal designer for your customers. They can design whatever they want. They will have control on image, text, color, templates, and more.

Who Can Offer Customization

Almost all ecommerce stores can offer customization. If you sell t-shirts, sweatshirts, shoes, books, masks, gifts, posters, mugs, or anything you name. If there is a possibility that the customer can change the way it looks, you can offer them the customization option. All you need is a tool that satisfies all requirements to customize your products.

Some Steps Before and After You Offer Product Designer Tool

There are things that you need to do before enabling the Magento 2 product designer tool and also after enabling it for your customers.

  •  Choose Products You Want to Offer Customization

If you already have your Magento store up and running and wish to add a new product line with customization or you want to add customization to the existing catalog or some specific products. You have narrowed down the categories you wish to switch on the Magento web to print mode on your store. For instance, if you sell clothes then you can add customization for a specific category like t-shirts or add a new category for active wear. Apart from allowing your customer to customize the product you can also add the customized category of product designed by you or your team members. While adding this functionality to your store try resolving your customers’ pain points. This will definitely make your users happy. To understand what problems your customers are facing, you can go through the reviews that they leave below the products and also the feedback. Find the common issues that your customers keep complaining about all the time.

  • Integrate Product Design Tool to Your Store

There are two things that you can do with your ecommerce store: Give your users the liberty to design their own products or you as a business use it to design product lines. The biggest advantage of having a product designer tool is giving your user the freedom to use the tool themselves and make the design of their dreams. Then conveying their thoughts to you and then executing it will still have many mismatches and misunderstandings. But if they themselves are doing the task then they can do exactly what they want. Also, the tool has an easy to use interface with drag and drop feature. Not all businesses offer such customization facilities. So if you decide to offer customization to your customers, you can use this as your business USP. Customers like to have control on what they order and how it will look. So, enabling product customization can really help your business in scaling and making this impression of a company that delivers customers dream products.

  • Partnering With Print on Demand Service Providers

If you do not want to deal with the printing part you can simply outsource it. Print on demand is a known and successful model in which you can sell ecommerce custom products without holding any inventory. Once the customer places the order, the order details are sent to the manufacturer. They print it and send it at the desired locations or you can have it at your place and then send it to your customer. Thus, without making huge investment on building printing inventory, you can offer customization features by collaborating with print on demand service providers.


Implementing a new feature to your Magento store can be tricky. But with the right tool and support you can successfully adopt and execute the tool. The Magento web to print industry is thriving and you can leverage the benefit of it by using the power of customization. You can find Magento 2 product designer tools online that have features to customize the products you sell.

Author Bio:

Pratik Shah is Creative Head at Brush Your Ideas, a top-notch Web-to-Print technology solution provider that offers Custom Product Design Software as well as web to print storefront software. He has been a creative and driving force in the success of this web to print solution.