Motivate Your Employees

You’ve finally succeeded in setting up your company and hired adequate workers for the job. There are no doubts that your ambitions are still high and you are eager to make your business flourish and reach the top. However, even if that’s how you feel, there are many people who don’t feel the same way as you. In this case, we are referring to the people working for you.

You might think that providing good salaries and benefits are the only things needed to motivate your employees. Well, we hate to break it to you but that’s not the case at all.

The SHRM Employee Job Satisfaction and Engagement survey deduced that, in 2015, employees who were genuinely giving their all in doing their job, were a mere 69 percent. Sure things like job benefits and a good salary are an important motivational factor— but there is more to it than that to get them up and running to do good work willingly.

It’s not easy finding adequate workers for the job you offer. That is why it is your duty to make sure that these employees stay with you and work to their maximum potential. Many kinds of great managers have gone through the same scenario and if they can get out of this rut, so can you.

We are more than willing to offer you some guidance on some of the ways that you can effectively motivate your employees and get your business up and running in no time.

Express Positive Feedback

Everyone likes being acknowledged for their efforts. Whether it’s a child receiving praise for getting good grades by the teacher or an adult being commended by their boss for getting a deal done – it makes no difference. Just that mere gesture of approval can make a huge positive difference to a person.

The satisfaction that a manager feels when they receive good reviews from clients is just the same as when you praise your workers. Make sure that you applaud your employees for their efforts during weekly meetings. The fulfillment that they receive from being appreciated and acknowledged can effectively boost their mood and result in better performance.

They end up working twice as more diligently for compliments. Plus, it makes them feel more emotionally involved with their job.

Create a Good Work Environment

It’s pretty obvious that no one wants to work in an unorganized cramped space every single day. It develops a bad atmosphere within your team and can drastically drops levels of creativity from your employees. If you want to get commendable work, then make it so that it’s possible for them to deliver you such kind of results.

Make sure that your office equipment is upgraded – no one likes to waste time on important tasks just because their laptop may be slow.

Decorate the interior for that aesthetically pleasing vibe. Paint the walls with a bright color to lighten up employee’s mood.

With a well-lit and creatively functioning office, it makes the work environment more pleasant and hence, boosts employees’ mood and performances.

Communication is Essential

If your workers don’t know what kind of person you are, they won’t feel the passion or motivation needed for the job. Not being sure of who your employees work for doesn’t really help them bring out their own creative ideas. If you really want your employees to incorporate their ideas to your business – help them in getting to know you first.

Conducting performance reviews has shown to be highly effective. That way, your employees can work on where they need to improve and know how much their effort is worth in the organization.

Create Small Goals

The main idea is always to produce positive and effective results so set goals in order for them to participate.

In order to bridge that small gap between their current skills, this idea motivates them to draw out their full potential in their work. It will definitely give you better results.

Be a Role Model

Setting an example can be a great way to motivate your employees. If you are just going to sit around in your chair, giving orders – no one would understand your ambitions and follow you willingly with hard working intentions.

Take every chance to explain plans you have for the company. Expressing your goals makes them interested in how they can help you make things work. Feelings are contagious — if you’re excited about working around them, they too, will eventually start feeling the same way.

Hear Them Out

As it is important for you to explain to them how you feel, it is equally important to know how they feel as well. Give them a chance to have a say in how they want to work and what they want to work on.

Empowering them to have a choice can gain an understanding, come to solutions and develop brand new ideas for the business. It’s beneficial for both, the employee and the boss. Your employees become sincere towards you and your company leading to success!

Give Them Opportunities to Grow

The same boring routine can exhaust your employees’ and destroy their levels of creativity.

Provide them chances to focus on their personal work goals by allowing them to attend important information meetings or taking them to different kinds of work related events. This cultivates their goals and motivates them to work efficiently.

Consider Self-Awareness

Remember as a kid, there was this one specific teacher you could never really get along with and just the mere thought of that person put you in a bad mood. Well, it’s the same with boss and employee relationships.

The fundamentals never change no matter how old you get — be more aware of your actions. Think of what the teacher could’ve said or done to make you feel good and appreciated. Alter your attitude according to that and notice how your employees open up to you and willing to work efficiently under your guidance.

Grant Incentives

People end up working much better knowing they are going to get something good in return. Of course, rewarding them doesn’t have to be taken to extreme measures.

You can give them a bonus for excellent work or you could pay them extra for working on a holiday. Even a paid day off or a vacation for a couple days is a pretty good idea.

Change for the Better

Sometimes your employees can get tired of doing the same work over and over again. In this case, rather than piling them up with new work, replace the ongoing work with a different project.

This change can stimulate new thoughts and ideas and your workers will be more motivated to indulge in these changing projects.

Avoid Creating Hostility Between Colleagues

Often praising the same person and showing favoritism from within a group of employees can create tension among colleagues. If you keep looking at one person, then the ones who try hard each time may never be noticed. Due to that, the neglected employee refrains from working well within a group and their behavior morphs into something that is solely focused on self interest.

To avoid such a catastrophic environment, make sure you avoid favoritism and praise everyone equally. Plus, try to encourage the ones that aren’t doing well off to work harder rather than putting them down and making them feel worthless.

Relocate the Office

Working in the same place for years can create dull and boring energy amongst the workers. Moving into a new environment can be really rejuvenating and consequently, boost employee performances.

It’s a more expensive method to consider, so you should keep it as a last resort if you can’t find a solution through the above methods.

Give them Responsibilities

Everyone enjoys being their own boss and have the choice to make their own decisions. Allow them to make an impression during important meetings. By giving your employees tasks such a project head, they can obtain better knowledge and skills.

This way, your employees get the comfort that you can trust them with leading projects and are aware of how much hard work they put in.

Don’t Nit Pick

Employees feel very uncomfortable if you’re breathing down their neck while they are working. It makes them feel that they are not trusted.

Calmly explain how you want the work to be done and allow them to manage the work their own way. By doing that, sometimes the end results can end up being better than you expected.

Treat them With Respect

Shouting and insulting your workers over every little thing creates disastrous situations. Not only does it create a hostile environment when you are around, your employers resent or fear you and if the talented workers run out of patience, they will be more than happy to resign from your company.

Every individual deserves respect. If you can do that, then your employers will do the same and willingly provide you with excellent work.