Most of the businesses hire SEO services in India with the sole aim of improving the website’s conversion rate. The exercise, however, starts with gaining better rankings in SERPs and hence more visibility. Once the SEO exercise succeeds in diverting relevant traffic to the website, it’s all about converting these leads into sales.

Diverting the traffic is only half the battle won; the remaining half is to make them purchase. This process starts right from the moment a prospect clicks on your website URL and it loads. Right from the loading time and landing page to navigation and call to action button placements, there are multiple aspects to take care of as simple mistakes in any of these can result in prospective buyers abandoning the website. However, the best SEO company often makes little tweaks, which leads to dramatic positive results.

Here are a few ways to increase sales using SEO:

 Create Stellar Content

Creating stellar content that is engaging and provides value is importance. Of late, visual content is proving to be more captivating and thus you should include videos, infographics, animations etc. While you have placed high-quality and relevant visual content on your page, it’s important to summarise what your visual content depicts for the search engine crawlers. So, write a short summary about it.

Keep File Sizes Small

If you have created some stellar visual content but uploaded an oversized image of the same, then it will hinder the page load time. It’s very important that your webpage loads quickly or else your prospects will simply abandon your page and move on. The importance of loading time can be understood from an analysis made by Amazon. It found that a one-second delay in loading of webpage led to a loss of $1.6 billion in its annual sale. While a delay of a second doesn’t ring bell otherwise, it can lead to such catastrophic effect. Thus, make sure whatever content you load should not impact the loading time of your website.

Make Your Customers Feel Connected

At times, customers abandon because they have a query that doesn’t get resolved. So, either you should have a chatbot installed, which can resolve all the general queries of the prospects and make them feel that help is just a click away or you should add an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page to your portal. This page should contain information on all the common queries that the customers can have. If the prospects get their query satisfied, they are more likely to make a purchase.

Use the Right File Types

The file types are important in maintaining image quality, colour value and resolution. You should know which file type to use in which scenario. For instance, PNGs work better when you require a transparent background and JPEG maintains good image quality. But, if you edit image, then you need to be cautious as it uses lossy data compression, which can impact the image quality adversely. If you want to include small animations, use GIFs.

Enhance User Experience

User is the king and you have to do everything to provide them the best experience on your website. Right from the time they click on your website URL to landing page, navigation, checkout etc. should all be properly optimized to provide an excellent experience.

The landing page works as the first impression for your website and it should be designed properly following an ‘above the fold – below the fold approach’. As the attention span of the users is too less, you need to engage them the moment they land on your website or else they will leave. The ‘above the fold’ phrase originates from the newspaper industry where the top half of the page contains gripping headlines motivating the reader to go through the details.

Similarly, in the case of the landing page, the top half of the landing page should contain content that is crisp, clear and engaging motivating the user to scroll down to the lower half and explore further. Unless the user feels good to be on your website in the first few seconds, he or she is unlikely to stay on it to explore further. So, make these initial seconds count and then work upon them by providing good user experience throughout.

Converting your leads into buyers is no easy feat. The SEO services in India such as Techmagnate are always on their toes to understand what a user wants and finding ways to fulfil those expectations. They deploy the right kind of tools to monitor user behaviour and collecting data to figure out their expectations. The analysis of this data is then used to optimize the SEO process to get the desired results. SEO is a long process, which starts from understanding the business goals and ends on realizing them.