It’s 2021 and frankly everyone loves to handle high-tech gadgets, right? Lately Smart watches have been into a great market interest. Even though it is just the beginning of an era with compact yet efficient tech. We can see some variation withing these bands like there are Fitness Bands which are dedicated to the fitness enthusiastic audience. 

Smart Watch trendsBut the question is that how much can we get out of these Smart watches and Fitness bands? Are we utilizing them as much we should be? Luckily, I have created a list of different way in which these wearable devices could be cool and Lifesaving! 

Heart Rate Monitoring

We all know that smart watches have this basic flagship feature. Without this feature these watches really can’t be called smart. What they show us is our heart rate which is in BPM units abbreviated for Beats Per Minute. Heart rate monitoring was added in the watch so that while or after a workout, one could figure out when it is necessary for them to stop. For example, let’s suppose that Richard goes on running every day.

Heart Rate MonitoringHe is jogging faster than ever notices that his heart rate is increasing. He notices that his heart rate was above his target BPM, so He decided to stop. Target Heart rate can be varying from person to person but generally for adults it is around 90-100. During exercise It goes up between 140- 160. It is the target where you should reach for efficient workouts. But don’t push any harder as it could be severely harmful. 

lso, heart rate drops when it is cold outside. But your main goal should be to stay between 50 to 80% of your target rate. To calculate your target rate. you can use some math.

220- (your age)- A

Now find 50% and 85% of this A that is your safe range. In any scenario you can always monitor you BPM with the help of your smart watch. For extreme condition having a smart watch could really be lifesaving.

Notifications Hack

  • Social media privacy

There are times when someone “X” is texting you and you just don’t want to reply to them for the time being. But if you open the message as in case of WhatsApp, what happens is that they get notified as seen on the sight. This might not be very important of feature. But if you use your smart watch to see notifications it will not show seen to the sender.

  • Automated replies

Another use of a smart watch is to automate replies. Many upcoming smart watches have this feature of setting up preformatted replies. If you are in traffic and your frustrating wife/husband want to know where you are. You can preformat “on my way to Jail” and she/he will get the point, right? Jokes apart you can use this feature in never-ending ways all what matters is your creativity.

Payment with a wave

For those who don’t know what NFC is, it basically stands for Near field communication. It is a very hi-tech looking method of communicating without touching your phone. One of the most popular ways to use it is that you can pay money with your watch without using your phone or credit card. 

Payment with a waveAll you need to do Is integrate your card details inside your smart watch app and you are ready to go. Now just bring your watch closer to the card machine and transaction will be successful. This is something which comes in luxury smart watches. But in my views, it is totally worth buying. 

SpO2 blood oxygen saturation

This is a very advanced feature which we see commonly in high end or costly smart watches and fitness bands. Firstly, SpO2 stands for Saturation Percentage of Oxygen in blood. What is its idea range what we want to know right? Well, if you are living a very healthy lifestyle then your SpO2 levels must be higher than 95% higher it is better is for you. 

Sleep Monitoring

A lot of people when they start working out don’t either check or improve their sleep cycle. As this is a very crucial part of one’s fitness. Here is when sleep tracking comes into play. With this feature you don’t just track that how long were you sleeping. But it also helps you to understand about the time of deep sleep and much more. 

Menstrual Cycle Tracking

When it comes to women hygiene and fitness nothing much is out there in tech to help with their concerns. But upcoming smartwatches offer you a feature that is precisely designed for women to focus on their personal hygiene, health, and fitness. Feature is call menstrual cycle tracking. Watch itself can be used to predict cycle. Which I feel could be very helpful feature of women. 

What do you think is it worth it or not? Tell me in the comment section. I would love to hear your views.