Portable Storage Containers

Moving is one of the most dreaded chores in life. The mere thought of having to pack every single thing you own, load it, transport it, unload it, and unpack it is overwhelming to almost everyone. Those who do come through a move without a high level of stress usually have some brilliant tricks for simplifying the process, and the use of portable storage containers probably tops the list.

Portable storage containers provide secure, spacious storage on the site of your old home, making the moving process much easier. Here are four benefits of checking on one of these as you begin planning a move.

Organized Loading

When moving day arrives, and the truck or trailer is parked outside, you probably feel a sense of panic. What goes in first? How do I organize the load? The wrong decisions can lead to wasted time at the new place and even damage to your belongings. It can also extend your truck rental time, increasing costs.

With storage containers, you can get everything out of the old place and organized in a spacious, undivided area. Boxes can be sorted, sequenced, organized, and otherwise set up for a quick loading process, and they’ll be safely locked away until the truck rolls up. The result is a faster load, a more efficient unload, and a less chance of broken belongings.

Reduced Disruption

As we begin to pack things up, the home gets very crowded and cluttered. We find ourselves walking around boxes to get to the dinner table or the bed, making the home unpleasant and even dangerous to be in.

Storage containers allow you to clear out everything that is ready to leave. Your belongings are safely stored nearby (just in case you packed something a little too soon!), ready for loading on moving day but out from under your feet. Portable storage containers for rent provide the perfect staging area for your belongings.

Creating a Workspace

As you packed up for previous moves, you’ve probably had to set up a processing area, someplace where you strung out newspapers and Styrofoam peanuts, assembled boxes, and otherwise set up for boxing items. It’s a tough task to locate that much free space inside your home during such a busy time.

Your storage container can quickly become your packing facility. A simple table, a few lights strung with an extension cord, and your daily take of re purposed boxes can all go into the container, giving you an area to work without making a mess inside.

Hedging on Weather

The only thing worse than rain on your wedding day could be rain on moving day. Mud and water get tracked into the old and new homes, making a mess for the occupants at both places. Belongings get wet, helpers slip and fall, and the day is overall a miserable experience.

A portable storage container can be positioned to permit close parking for moving vehicles, minimizing the exposure of people and possessions to the rain. In addition, it keeps everybody out of the old place and reduces trips into the new place because, as we already mentioned, the container makes the unloading process much more efficient.

Moving is stressful and involves a lot of hard work. Some people simply assume there’s nothing they can do about it. While a portable storage container won’t make your piano any lighter or your china any less fragile, it will make it easier to cut down on the amount of handling and lifting that it takes to get them out of your old place and into your new one.