VIN Number

Do not know the reasons to check VIN code before purchasing any car or truck as well as the essence of this number? Hold on for a second – we will explain all to you here. Being the vehicle ID, VIN covers all the history and data about the car. So it is impossible to miss out any important detail about a car if you check its VIN number.

Checking VIN can tell a lot. At first glance, this meaningless set of different symbols stores all the info about the place your car was produced and assembled in; the engine type installed into it, as well as a lot of other valuable information. In addition, having the VIN code data, you can easily truck VIN history: whether the car was drowned or got into an accident, what damages it had.

There are thousands of firms that may help you with decoding the data encoded in the VIN code by the manufacturing company. Thus, before making a deal on a used car purchase, you can check whether the information published by the supplier is true. Do not miss a single mismatch of equipment or dates. This may be a sign that it is worth exploring the history of this car or even abandoning the purchase. Below are some of the most common cases of fraud that you can uncover by checking the VIN number:

  • Odometer twisting – VIN inspection enables you to track changes in the history of the car run. A few and sometimes only the last fixation of the odometer is enough to establish the veracity of the current mileage;
  • Accidents and incidents – some sellers may try to sell a seriously damaged car. Deciphering the VIN allows you to get to know if the car was in an accident or not;
  • Thefts – after all, it is obvious that buying a stolen car is not the best investment. The VIN decoding reports contain data about whether a car is being searched for;
  • Replacement of factory equipment – most reports contain data about the type of equipment installed into the vehicle. This means that you can easily check the originality of the vehicle bundled for sale. In the case of any inconsistencies, there is a great opportunity for bargaining.

How to Find the VIN?

There are a few places in the car for you to find a VIN number:

  • vehicle registration documents;
  • on a special plate that can not be removed. Such a sign can often be found near the right front seat or the left window, as well as on one of the uprights on the right side. Also, the VIN can get in the engine compartment or near the right wheel.

Many car owners are becoming aware of the significance of VIN. So do not hesitate, and, before you make a deal, check its VIN and read the car history. This is the only way to avoid buying a pig in a poke.