Vegan Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow

Whether you’re a Vegan already or trying it for the first time, you will find here a huge choice of vegan influencers ready to help you out. 
No matter if you trying to spice up your favorite dishes or just giving it a try to see how it goes.

Let’s imagine you’re thinking of making the jump to a Vegan diet – Well, it’s richer in certain nutrients and with that comes so many benefits that you may experience like a healthier decrease in cholesterol, blood pressure, and heart disease risk. Also, if you looking into losing some weight turning Vegan is half-way to reach your goals.

Avoiding various animal products have benefits for your health and the animals themselves,  as for you, this option may help you reduce the risk of prostate, breast, and colon cancers. Check one of the studies here, and for the animals will prevent their exploitation, so avoiding animal products is one of the ways you can stand against animal cruelty. 

In your path of turning Vegan, you will also help to reduce the environmental impact on Earth. Keeping in mind that, without any meat or animal products, you will have a full plate of good nutrient stuff. How good that sounds? 

To help you get there, we put together a choice of 10 Vegan Instagram accounts that you should follow to get started with. 

  1. @weareveganuary

If you’re new to veganism, then the Veganuary Instagram account is a great place to begin. As well as some fantastic vegan recipes, it also includes links to a range of vegan blogs. It’s a great source of inspiration, including for long-term vegans who may be looking for fresh ideas. The account also has some useful information about plant-based food which you can find on the high street. 

  1. @sovegan

So Vegan is run Roxy Pope and Ben Pook, a vegan couple. Not only will you be treated to some truly delicious recipes, but they are also very simple to follow and make. This couple is dedicated to the environment, as well as creating plant-based foods. With a range of main meals and mouth-watering desserts, their recipes are fun, as well as tasty!

  1. @avantgardevegan

If you’re looking for some new recipes, then make sure to visit Cardiff-based chef Gaz Oakley’s Instagram account.

The vegan recipes on this account are inspirational. Whether you’re looking for a new soup recipe, an exciting new vegan breakfast, or a cheeky milkshake, Gaz Oakley has a recipe for you. The ‘avant-gar’n’ dish that he created in 2018 with Wagamama is especially delicious.

  1. @ohsheglows

Angela Liddon is the girl behind @ohsheglows account. A successful blogger, she also has a published cookbook as well as an app. Her vegan recipes are delicious and her Instagram account is filled with beautiful pictures of food. If you’re looking for ways to still enjoy your favorite dishes and desserts, then look no further. From chocolate-chip cookies to Green Tea Lime Pie Smoothie bowls, @ohsheglows has it covered.

  1. @patrikbaboumian

If you think that a vegan diet will put an end to your gym routine, then make sure to follow Patrik Baboumian. Patrik’s Instagram account proves that you can be strong and fit whilst following a vegan diet. As well as a range of vegan memes, his account is also filled with workout videos and posts that aim to address some of the misconceptions surrounding supplements. 

  1. @genesisbutler_

Twelve-year-old Genesis Butler is an inspirational vegan. Her Ted Talk on healing the planet went viral and has made her an influencer following. A dedicated animal activist, Genesis was named PETA’s Young Animal Activist of the Year. As well as posting about the benefits of leading a vegan lifestyle, she also posts about the role of animal agriculture in climate change. 

  1. @ellenfisher

Wondering how to raise a vegan family? Ellen Fisher shares a glimpse of vegan family life through her Instagram account. As well as happy family photos and snapshots of Maui beaches, this Instagram account is also filled with exciting daily vegan recipes, including breakfasts and salads packed full of nutrients. Ellen is also documenting her vegan diet throughout her fourth pregnancy.

  1. @veg_Md 

In addition to colorful vegan meals, Dr. Michelle McMacken shares valuable information on the use of plant-based food to help reverse and prevent chronic diseases. She tackles a range of health and diet-based questions on her Instagram page, as well as sharing important post headlines that will support you to lead a healthier vegan lifestyle.

  1. @veganbeautygirl

Leading a vegan lifestyle is not simply about the foods you eat, but also the products you buy and their environmental impact.

Nicole Whittle’s @veganbeautygirl is a great Instagram account to follow if you’re interested in finding out about which make-up and toiletries are vegan friendly. She covers a range of products, including hair-dyes, deodorants and even tests out plastic-free and biodegradable products.

  1. @nowyouknowitsvegan

If you want to know what vegan options are available at your chosen supermarket, then follow @nowyouknowitsvegan. Even better, some of the shops are separated into individual stories, which makes it even easier to browse so you can buy your favorite vegan foods.


Vegan meals will be a boost to your mental and physical health. We hope you understood the benefits that this optional choice can bring for both you and the cruelty against the animals. 

Enjoy our choice of Vegan Instagram and here a bonus for making you feel a bit better about cutting the meat out. Use the Vegan calculator and get surprised about how many animals you can save in few months. Let us know how it went.  

Start following these top vegan Instagram accounts today for inspiration, motivation, and delicious recipes. 

About the author: Elizabeth Hines is a digital marketer and content writer at Academized and OX Essays. She writes about helping businesses explore new medium avenues, and recently has started writing about how business can thrive in the COVID-19 world on websites, such as State of writing, and others.