Tools for Students on Google Chrome

From time immemorial, life as a student never has been easy. That’s a fact many would agree with because we are so consumed with classes, assignments, projects, extracurricular activities, social media and we try to juggle these activities. In spite of this, even the most committed students have trouble concentrating and prioritizing their work, especially with social media addiction. Luckily, for this high-tech savvy group, there is a multitude of tools that can help to keep students one step ahead of the distractions.

Just like the other array of browsers, we fail to realize that the Google Chrome Browser through its Chrome Extensions offers so much functionality than the regular browsers. Access to these chrome extensions can be gotten from the Google Chrome Web Store in which there is a long Chrome extension list.

Notwithstanding this extensive chrome list, we have sifted out the best chrome extensions for students to help students get and stay organized, productive, to work done quickly and effectively. We have also highlighted how to access extensions on chrome. They are:

#1. Google Chrome Dictionary

Virtually all students get lazy when it’s time to utilize the Dictionary for the meaning or appropriate usage of a word. But one of the most useful chrome extensions is the Google Chrome Dictionary, students effortlessly check the definition of any word, especially when writing projects, assignments, or articles.

Google Chrome Dictionary dissuades the obsolete way of opening a new browser tab by simply double-clicking on the word, and a pop-up will show the meaning of the word or by opening the search bar from the browser icon, and a small pop-up with the definition appears. Google Chrome Dictionary also has the capacity to sync with third-party extensions, such as Flashcards for Google Dictionary, and students can choose to save their research history for easy access or download at any time.

#2. Grammarly

Who else has been caught up in the web of trying to send certain messages and had to delete them due to a flaw in their grammatical expressions, sentence structure issue or has had an email or article rejected because of its errors? I definitely can’t be the only one. This is why I am rating Grammarly as one of the most useful Google Chrome extensions.

Grammarly is used to identify errors, grammatical problems and make your writing flawless.  Grammarly will open whenever you are ready to write a prompt or entry, and a small green icon will show up at the bottom right corner of your prompt, advising you on the possible outcomes. While the free version is not fully loaded, it still performs its task of correcting errors, blunders and allows you to see the bad styles in your writing. To maximally utilize Grammarly, one would need to subscribe to its full version.

#3. Selection Reader (Text to Speech)

This is especially for the students who really dislike reading or the ones with earphones all around listening to different things. The Selection reader converts any text or word you input to speech and reads out the whole text. It is also useful for the multitasking student.

#4. Instapaper

On silent nights, when you are by yourself and do not intend to get social media distracted with nothing to read or on other days of school research, and you come across fascinating articles or links you would want to read later, Instapaper allows you save them offline on your phone or computer for subsequent reading. A similar and useful Google Chrome Extension is the Evernote Web Clipper

#5. EasyBib

Another of the best chrome extensions for students is EasyBib. Plagiarism is an offence often frowned at in the academic arena. Sometimes, I write my essay online or use an online platform to get my projects done, but easybib can be used to check for plagiarism. It is believed that as much as research is key, referencing is just as important. With EasyBib, students can input the info they have, and the extension helps in finding the Source, citations, format, and bibliography.

#6. StudyStack

The days before exams or tests are tedious. The need to commit to memory a long list of technical terms, concepts or explanations has necessitated StudyStack. StudyStack has crosswords flashcards and other means of helping students memorize. With groupings that range from Latin, law, mathematics, chemistry, pharmacology, accounting, etc. students will find the backing they need. If a specific term or subject is not discussed, students can fashion their own flashcards

#7. LastPass

The constant request by different sites for login username and passwords can really be exhausting and annoying. Some students even try using the same passwords and usernames for all accounts, but the problem arises on days the sites demand the use of figures and symbols. LastPass has made it easier to access these sites so long as the passwords and usernames are saved in the vault which will automatically pop up when requested for. Although on sites where a student has multiple accounts, the toolbar button can be used to copy the password to the clipboard

#8. Strict Pomodoro

Growing up, I am really sure we all hated the no TV or games until assignments were done rule. Adulthood has given us the liberty to do as we want, but Strict Pomodoro has come to give us the sixth-grade discipline. The Strict Pomodoro Google Chrome Extension app requires one to set a timer for a defined expanse of time for doing only the specific assignment. It’s a great tool to complete that research or online reading you have been delaying.

Upon enabling, there is where you have a 25-minute period to concentrate fully after which you have a 5-minute intermission. you can then repeat the procedure. The extension also keeps one fruitful by hindering sites or blacklisting the most disruptive sites, or you can choose to whitelist (a safer option) specific sites and block the others.

#9. WhoWorks.At

Job searching or internship opportunities search can really be tiring especially where you don’t have a firsthand link at the company but with Who Works At Google Chrome extension; one can easily network with staffs of the company who are either in your LinkedIn, Facebook or other social media accounts network by opening the company’s site and then clicking on the extension’s toolbar button.

#10. Evernote

The same way we derive simplicity and ease in having different journals for different purposes is the same way Evernote prides itself as a structural system and a contemporary office, allowing users to type short or lengthy notes and classify them into notebooks. Similarly, Photographs, web articles, notes, and even receipts can be saved in Evernote and sought for when it is needed


Despite our busy schedule, we all are caught up with our smartphones that we sometimes forget our activities for the day. With colour-coded icon our daily activities can be saved on the To Do List, thereby allowing us plan, prioritize and tick out each achieved task.

In Conclusion, now that you know that the Google Chrome Browser is no ordinary browser, I hope you are excited to try out these amazingly useful Google Chrome Extensions. There were created to aid and organize our internet experience