Use These Six Apps for More Social Media Shares of Your Campaign

Fundraising campaigns are all about bringing quality traffic to your Indiegogo, Kickstarter, or WeFunder page with help of the wefunder agency. For this, you need good targeting, a great proposition/cause, excellent copy, and a marketing strategy. All these work together for a successful campaign. 

The heart of a campaign remains the community. If you’re building a strong community of supporters first, your project will start receiving traffic from their referrals too. This is why we’re bringing this list of six amazing tools to help you maximize exposure after creating a strong base of supporters. Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are inexpensive goldmines.

By using these tools that allow your supporters to share your campaign with their followers, you bring more visitors and potential backers. 

1 – Reddit 

Reddit is much more than a social networking site, and it’s worth mentioning among these six tools to bring your more social media shares. Your crowdfunding project can be exposed in front of 34 million users. And you know what’s their tagline “The front page of the internet”. 

Yes, that’s right. Whatever piece of material that goes viral on Instagram or Facebook was firstly posted on Reddit. Redditors appreciate valuable content and have Subreddits for different categories from funny cats to Kickstarter projects

However, keep in mind that Reddit members hate spam and self-promoting content. You must provide value in your comments and posts. As long as you put daily content on the right Subreddits, you’ll start receiving shares and upvotes immediately. 

2 – Shareaholic

Shareaholic integrates with your website to beautifully show share buttons that are attractive and encourage visitors to share your content. The platform has a set of tools divided into categories according to their use: engaging, analytical, monetization, and acquisition tools.

Acquire – Tools such as Url Shorteners, Follow Buttons, and Social Share Buttons serve to acquire a new audience by sharing snaps of your content on social media. 

Engage – Tools such as the Shareaholic browser extension and Related Content Tool help increase engagement for more page views and repeat visitors.  

Analyze – Track data from your visitors and learn what interests them more. Use the Content Analytics and Smart URL Shortener tools. 

Monetize – Incorporate and track Native Ads or Affiliate Links to profit from your content, or in this case advertise your crowdfunding campaign.   

2 – WP Social Sharing 

More visitors won’t come by themselves. You need to make it easy for existing ones to share your content through social media channels. And if you’re using WordPress for your website, landing page, or crowdfunding page, WP Social Sharing solves most of your problems. 

Since attractive visuals are prompt to attract users’ attention more, this tool makes it easier to add sharing buttons for popular social networks such as Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Linked and Facebook. 

There are other plugins with similar functions but this is considered to be simpler. However, if you feel like trying something else, you could check its alternatives such as SumoMe, AddToAny, or Open Social Share. Obviously, these tools provide mainly sharing options.  

3 – Social Rank 

For anyone using primarily Twitter and Instagram to attract potential investors, Social Rank is about to save you a lot of time manually searching among your target audience. It does all the work of looking up profiles and filling spreadsheets with their details. 

The tool automatically filters followers for each platform and then gives you the option to transfer this data to a PDF or CSV format file. But wait, weren’t we talking about increasing social media shares? Yes, and Social Ranker helps you with this. 

After analyzing your audience based on engagement, location, bio, and other metrics, Social Ranker gives you the option to directly message them to spread the word about your campaign. They also suggest a time that would be best to contact the selected audience. 

4 – Tweriod 

By using the proper tools, you can make your crowdfunding campaign a success. Tweriod!

This tool focuses solely on Twitter and it brings you an important insight: The time when your Twitter followers are active on the platform. 

Based on data, Tweriod suggests the best time to contact them or share your posts for maximum visibility. It also helps you figure out how to time your campaigns according to your followers’ behavior. 

Whether you want to find your audience online and message them or try to get more retweets, Tweriod helps you base decisions on data. The only disadvantage of Tweriod is the platform compatibility. It’s only compatible with Twitter and if you’re not using Twitter traffic for your campaign, it’s unnecessary.  

6 – Canva 

The app that makes you feel like a professional designer in a few minutes, is responsible for an increase or decrease in shareability. How? Simple. If you post high-quality and attractive content, people will share it more. 

You can produce a wide variety of content formats, from photos and GIFs to short videos. And with the help of Kickstarter Brand Assets materials, you can customize your fundraising campaigns. The materials include logos, colors, and watermarks of Kickstarter.

Use these content templates and badges to mark your campaign social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Modify them using Canva, or other alternatives, and give your community materials they’d love to share with their friends. 


There exist over 4.48 billion social media users in the world, as analyzed in July 2021. This vast audience is constantly distracted by new pieces of content that spark their interest. 

By using the suggested tools you can get your crowdfunding project in front of this audience of potential investors. Keep in mind to post relatable content and encourage people to share it through creative visuals and website plugins.