The Ultimate First Apartment

There are certain things that you must check after you lease an apartment and before shifting. The apartment may be rented, a new construction, purchased or commandeered the checklist of requirements in your hand can make your relocation highly convenient.

Let’s go through the list of must-haves before you check-in to a new place for living.

Outright Checklist of Chattels For Shifting:

It can be a real hassle while you unpack your belongings and your key essentials are missing. Keep the below-mentioned things in place and you shall never rifle through your boxes once you are already in your new apartment. Shifting of things is never an issue with iMoving.

#1. Bedding:

beddingYou may think to spend a few days on the floor and purchase the mattress or bed later. But when these days will convert in weeks or months you will not know. It is very essential to take proper rest, so you should purchase or shift your mattress, mattress cover, bed (if required), pillow, blankets and all the essentials.

#2. Complete Toolkit:

When you shift you would surely require a hammer, nails, hangers, screwdriver etc. to remove the unwanted fixtures or fix your requirements. It will be very easy for you while unpacking and arranging your place according to your convenience.

#3. Cleaning Essentials:

Shifting to the new apartment may lead you to face dust and spots. Either the previous tenants may have overlooked or it might be locked for long. In all the cases you will require to carry out the complete cleaning. Keep the following cleaning supplies:

  • Swiffer and a vacuum cleaner.
  • Trash bags, cleaning spray and paper napkins.
  • Surface cleaning mops and stainless steel scrubber.
  • Laundry and utensil detergents.
  • Stain remover and dryer sheets.
  • Toilet cleaner, toilet scrubber and toilet bowl cleaner.
  • Mosquito spray, disinfectant spray, air freshener and room freshener etc.

#4. Step Stool:

The step stool is of great use when you shift to a new place. In case you are short or roof and furniture are of a good height, in both the cases you would require it. Choose a stool that is light in weight and can be shifted easily from one place to another. You can directly unpack your bag and place the goods at the destined place instead of creating a heap in one place.

#5. Kitchen Requisites:

kitchenIf not all you require at least some important kitchen wares once you shift. Even if you order food from outside initially, you would require utensils to eat. It is not that comfortable to stick to disposables. Consider adding following things in your list.

  • Water glasses and cups.
  • Plates, bowls, spoons and basic utensils.
  • Microwave oven and sandwich maker.
  • Tea maker and storage units.
  • Frying pan, spatula and any other important thing as per your use.

#6. Bathroom Utilities:

These things are of high use the moment you step into the home. Tired of travelling, you may be in immediate need of a shower. Keep the following items placed in your washroom beforehand.

  • Toilet papers.
  • Hand wash and sanitizer.
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste.
  • Shampoo and conditioner.
  • Shower gel, shower cap and body wash

The essential things are listed above, you can customize the list as per your use.

#7. Batteries and Power Backup:

If your new place is not well lit and not connected to the electricity supply system, you should consider carrying power backup, batteries, power strips and portable lights and battery fans. It will help you to live easily. You can start unpacking from day 1. You will not have to wait till the electrical supply start.

Consider the above items to carry before you reach your new apartment.