Types of Blinds in Melbourne

There are a variety of different blinds Melbourne wide available to suit different preferences. With the ever-changing interior décor industry and many Melbourne design fanatics wanting to keep up with the latest trends, there have never been so many options available when it comes to blinds, shutters and drapes. In turn, providers of blinds in Melbourne have a comprehensive range of styles to choose from, with window covering options ranging from traditional to chic. 

With many options for blinds in Melbourne, you have the potential to transform your home into a personal sanctuary of style and comfort. Here are some of the most popular blinds available right now. 

Roman Blinds

A traditional option, Roman blinds in Melbourne are a smart choice if you’re looking for something that combines style with practicality. Roman blinds are typically made from soft fabric and come in a variety of styles and colours. Lying flat against your window, they gather into pleats when raised, allowing natural sunlight into homes and spaces. 

Roman blinds remain a popular choice for home décor because they’re aesthetically pleasing and versatile. Although they provide rooms with good privacy and can block harsh light, they also allow for natural sunlight to break through their pleats. Roman blinds are typically showcased in the likes of dining rooms, family rooms, bedrooms and more. 

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are a sophisticated and stunning option for both residential and commercial properties. Made up of horizontal slats that come in a range of fabrics and materials, they can be simply rotated in order to control the light and privacy of a room. In addition to requiring little to no maintenance, they’re easy to install and there’s a wide range of choices for venetian blinds in Melbourne. 

Their benefits include controlled privacy and light as well as a combination of sleek style with a traditional touch. They’re also known to insulate properties all year round and minimise glare.  

Vertical Blinds

As the name suggests, the slats of vertical blinds hang vertically. Coming in different shapes, colours and styles, vertical blinds are typically used for large windows or for covering sliding patio doors. Vertical blinds are a simple way to control light and can be easily tailored for your specific space. They’re inexpensive, adjustable, and remain a stylish choice for interior designers. 

Vertical blinds are a suitable choice for most areas, and the variety of choices available means that you can find the perfect blinds for your home. Whether you’re after eccentric patterns, vibrant colours or earthy tones, providers of blinds in Melbourne will be able to customise your vertical blinds to your specific wants and needs. 

Honeycomb Blinds

Honeycomb blinds, sometimes referred to as pleated blinds, are another option that continues to grow as a popular home décor trend. Known for their superior insulation properties, honeycomb blinds in Melbourne are made up of individual hexagonal shapes that help to trap air and regulate temperatures. 

Coming in a variety of styles and boasting plenty of features, honeycomb blinds have options for motorised, chain or cord operation. They’re also capable of reducing your energy costs with their excellent insulation abilities, plus they’re resistant to sun damage.