Travel Safety Tips you Should Know

Every day, there is news touching on the safety of travelers. Sometimes it a kidnapping, sex trafficking, killing, or something that hurts or makes travelers fearful. However, there are also true stories about travelers who enjoy safe trips and you’re definitely seeking those pleasant experiences. 

The truth is that no one can ignore the need to observe safety measures during a vacation in Put-in-Bay or any other travel destination. It is important to research more about your travel destination. For instance, find Put-in-Bay tourist information regarding accommodation, places to visit, things to do during your trip, and how to stay safe during your vacation. Here are other safety tips you should know. 

  • Avoid flashy jewelry 

Expensive jewelry attracts attention from the wrong people. You become a target of robbery, mugging, kidnapping, or pickpocketing. It’s safer to leave expensive jewelry at home, and wear something common. 

  • Practice responsible drinking

Everyone wants to have fun, whether you are on vacation or a business trip. If you must drink or enjoy the nightlife in a new place, do it responsibly. Remember, you are among strangers, so no one is looking out for you. Watch your drink at all times and avoid joints associated with drugs or are known to be insecure. 

  • Have a backup plan 

The worst things to lose when traveling are your documents. Consider duplicating your documents and backing them up in soft copies. Walk around with photocopies of the original documents when moving around. Find out the emergency number for your destination country and the location of your embassy. Save the contacts on your phone and memorize the emergency number. 

  • Beware of scams 

Sometimes thieves pose as police officers, tour guides, or people looking out for your safety. If you need help, contact your travel agent, local police, or your country’s embassy, depending on the severity of need. In most cases, thieves capitalize on a specific strategy to scam people depending on location so, research on popular scam strategy for your destination. 

  • Safety for the bag 

Did you know there are specific traveling bags with locking zippers and slash-proof straps? Pick pocketers and muggers cannot snatch such a bag away from you. It is close to the body, and the zippers cannot open. Avoid hand and shoulder bags: buy cross-body bags. Consider purchasing a travel lock. You can use it to tie your bag to the chair when resting or on transit. 

  • Smart money habits 

Conduct most of your transactions via credit cards. If you must carry cash, carry a small amount of the local currency. Leave the bulk of the money in your hotel/current residence and take a small amount each day. Store the cash in different pockets and bags when moving around.  Use ATMs that are attached to banks as they are more secure to use. 

  • Use reputable companies 

Check online reviews when choosing travel agents. If you need a local travel company for your taxi, use companies with a good reputation. Avoid companies with questionable charges: whether too much or too little. If you know anyone in your destination country, ask for referrals. You can also ask people you know who have traveled to the destination before you. 

  • Maintain contact with your family and friends 

First, you need to tell them about your travel plans: the dates, destination, and purpose of travel. Keep them updated on your schedule. If you notice anything unsettling, inform them.