Glass Railings

There are a number of reasons to consider glass railings with no frame for your home exterior and interior. Irrespective of your home décor, glass railings add a unique element to your design. The PVC railings are designed to meet the top building norms while accentuating the appearance and functionality of the exterior of your house. You have plethora of elegant and beautiful designs to make your outdoor safe and stylish.

Here are the best reasons why you should install glass railing:

  1. Unobstructed view: At last, you have been able to make your dream with an amazing view. And, the last thing you want is that the view gets interrupted by distracting steel and aluminium railing. The frameless glass deck railing does not bring any hindrance between you and the beautiful view outside. The evidence lies in the pudding when you take visitors on your deck and they exclaim in happiness about how remarkable it is.
  2. Easy to maintain: Usually, glass railings can easily be cleaned up via a sponge. Homes with pets and small kids need a lot of effort for the upkeep, but in comparison to the conventional wood railing which need periodic repair and maintenance, the glass railings are maintenance free. You have mildew growth during rains on your wooden railing, but glass railing does not experience such problems.
  3. Security: With glass railing placed either in the indoors on your stairways or on the outdoors for a deck, you don’t have any fear of kids or pets falling through. It permits them to get a complete view of the outside without trying to climb up and see above the rail. Glass railings are made of tempered glass which are highly robust and strong and have no chance of breakage.
  4. Several options: With glass railings, you have variety of options and colors to choose from. Right from tinted glass to vinyl components, you have a wide variety to select from. There are installation options for front porches, exterior deck and balconies.
  5. They give a good appearance: Whether you are newly installing a glass railing or replacing an old railing, these rails have a wow factor attached to them. The uninterrupted view, clean lines exudes a stunning finished product.

However, there are some considerations which you should keep in mind while selecting glass rail:

  1. Go for the glass which is strong and robust. Usually the glass railings are made of glass which is 4 times tougher than the normal glass. Even if it cracks, then is remain intact by the film and doesn’t go anywhere
  2. Choose between frame and frameless. Framed glasses have a lavish feel and heightened safety when compared to frameless railing. However, frameless railing gives you an unobstructed view and is a much preferred option for balconies and deck while framed glass rails are good for staircases.

Glass railings are a great inclusion to your home. Whether you want them in the interior or exterior, they add to your property value and appeal of your house.