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Gym is not just a physical activity but rather a discipline. If you do not exercise the right way, you may end up gravely injuring yourself. If you are reading this article, it means you are a gym-goer and a fitness enthusiast. I bet you have seen that one ‘big guy’ at your gym trying hard to press enormous purchase dumbbells over their heads, curving their back in weird a fashion to get one more rep.

They often push their bodies beyond their natural abilities and end up in hospitals. Although it’s terrific to push your bodies in workouts, your posture should always come first so that you can avoid any potential injury.

This article will only focus on shoulder presses and shoulder press machines. Doing shoulder presses in incorrect form can seriously injure your shoulder and back.

What is a shoulder press?

A shoulder press is a typical weight training exercise, usually performed while standing. However, there are many variations. In this article, we will talk about shoulder presses and five things you didn’t know about shoulder presses.

Five things you don’t know about shoulder presses

As I said before, performing shoulder presses in inaccurate positions can gravely injure your shoulder and back. Even though it may look like a straightforward gym exercise, there is a lot more to it; there are quite a several mistakes you can end up making while performing shoulder presses. You need to use the best shoulder press machine to avoid making mistakes. Follow the tips below, and you are all set to go.

Place your elbows properly.

I know it sounds strange, but this is probably the silliest mistake you might make; that is why I made this the first point. All these years, you probably have been front racking the barbell, keeping it up to your shoulder and chest with the help of your upper arm side by side to the ground. But it is not at all like a front squat, and you cannot stick your elbows out.

Solution: To keep your shoulders fit and robust, place your elbows sticking out around 30 degrees from your side. Not only will it help you maintain proper form in your shoulder, but it will also keep you safe from injury and give you the optimum shoulder press benefits.

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Never miss your warm-up.

Most of us have a 9-5 job and spend most of our time at a desk. I’m sure you have trouble lifting your arms overhead, don’t worry about it because many people face this issue too; that is why warming up becomes crucial. Sitting at a desk makes you lean your shoulders and shoulder blades in the forward position, flexing forward. When you do shoulder press, you do the complete opposite of these movements.

Solution: You should always consider spending some time to warm your body up; you must always stretch the shoulders and back before performing shoulder presses. Some of the best moves are a thoracic windmill, swimmer’s hugs, and thoracic extension; it will help you slacken up any rigidity. Performing these warm-up exercises will free up a wide range of motion for your perfect shoulder press.

Never overextend your wrists.

When you hold the barbell up, it may feel okay to hold the bar closer to your fingers but in doing so actually overextends and flattens your wrists joints. It can severely injure you and might not allow you to press correctly.

Solution: To fix it, you need to keep the bar much nearer to the rear of your palm and, indeed, not your fingers. This will not only stop your wrist from damaging but also help you keep a weaker wrist position. Rest assured; it will also help you cause more force as the bar will be more aligned with your forearm

Not keeping the proper form  

You may be surprised to know it, but the main problem is giving importance to weight and not paying attention to muscle stimulation. Hence the weight is raised by other forms. I think you will be able to relate that your gym buddies develop some terrible habits more often than not, and some are never willing to learn how a proper lift is done so that it best nourishes muscle gains. I am sure you have separate days for legs and shoulders. My advice is to keep it separate as much as possible and not mix them up. On shoulder day, correct form is essential because the ball and socket joints are always vulnerable to injury.

Solution:  While doing shoulder presses, it is advisable to lower your hands to the level of your chin, and when you are about to do side lateral, just let your elbows form its way and try to raise them till it’s in the same height as your shoulder and more importantly if you think you have failed, do not be ashamed to admit it, don’t try to do extra reps to impress your friends. What you can do instead is ask your friend to help.

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Lack of variation in exercises

What gym-goers don’t understand is that they can quickly fall into a routine of performing four or five same exercises again and again. Shoulders could indeed be the only body part you train with weights, and also, it is a fact that dumbbells and barbells are the most productive tool to do so. Variation in exercises is significant.

Solution: There are various ways you can do shoulder presses; it is better to include specific pressing exercises. Try doing underhand presses.

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Shoulder presses are a great way to strengthen your shoulders and upper body but keep in mind the do’s and don’ts. It is a beneficial exercise, but the key is to do it with discipline.