Shoulder Pain

Chiropractors are doctors that treat health problems mostly related to the back and spinal cord. They can also help in decreasing pain in the shoulders or legs. Since they specialize in pain experienced in these body parts, chiropractors also treat pain within the shoulders. Although there are various causes of shoulder pain, most of the time it comes from the spine which is located in your back.

Chiropractic care aids in pain relief, enhancing body functions and helps to restore health and wellness to those suffering from pain problems. With chiropractic care from the best chiropractor Charlotte NC, you will be able to undergo all the right care and treatment and get the best results possible. Here’s a look at different types of shoulder pains and how chiropractors can improve shoulder pain.

Types of shoulder pain

The most common types of shoulder pain include a frozen shoulder, a dislocated shoulder, shoulder bursae, a sprain or strain, a rotator cuff injury, and tendonitis. For shoulder pain treatment and pain relief, there are different healing options that chiropractors use. A frozen shoulder is a painful condition that many people who go for chiropractic care experience. It’s not only very painful but it can also cause disability when not treated on time.

A frozen shoulder can make daily tasks like wearing clothes, especially a shirt or brushing your teeth or hair a very difficult thing to do. The sharp pain can also disrupt your sleep causing insomnia. Without proper treatment and intervention, frozen shoulder pain can persist for years.

Ways that chiropractic care can stop shoulder pain

With the best chiropractic care, the frozen shoulder can be treated reducing the pain, giving the shoulder time to heal itself. Shoulder pain is often caused by an irritation of the tendons, nerves, muscles, and ligaments located in the thoracic spine and/or lower neck. It can also be due to an inflamed bursa capsule. When the source of your shoulder pain is in the back and spinal area, your chiropractor can administer chiropractic practices to help with shoulder pain treatment and pain relief without having to undergo surgery.

Shoulder pain treatment

Once you book an appointment with your chiropractor, you will have to undergo a thorough examination. In case the underlying problem is your cervical spine your chiropractor will have to carry out an accurate and thorough diagnosis. The diagnosis will show your chiropractor the root cause of your shoulder or arm pain enabling him or her to recommend the best treatment plan available.

How long your shoulder pain treatment will take depends on the underlying problem that’s causing the pain as well as the extent of the damage or injury. But, most people experience relief from shoulder pain within the first week or two and then continue with the treatment until they are completely healed. Although you might experience some relief weeks after the first treatment, there will be a series of chiropractic adjustments included to help relieve the pain and prevent it from recurring. By continuing with the treatment this ensures that your shoulder fully heals.

Should you seek a massage therapist or chiropractor?

Massages are great for improving blood circulation in inflamed areas speeding up the healing process. They also allow the chiropractor to easily manipulate the joints and muscles boosting the healing. However, most people get puzzled whether to go for a massage or book an appointment with a chiropractor. Yes, a chiropractor might recommend massage to help loosen tight muscles and boost relaxation. But, although a massage therapist can also perform a massage, a chiropractor has the experience and skills to diagnose the root cause of your shoulder pain, something that a massage therapist cannot do.

Also, a chiropractor would combine both chiropractic care and massage therapy which provides much more effective results compared to simple massage therapy. Most certified chiropractors have a team of qualified chiropractors who can treat a wide range of shoulder pain using different treatment types depending on which part is causing the pain. Always book an appointment with a chiropractor who is highly versed in a range of treatments.

With effective care and treatments, chiropractic adjustments can be quite beneficial reducing inflammation, discomfort, and pain, improving flexibility, your range of motion as well as your muscle strength and tone.

Chiropractors can be quite helpful in treating shoulder pain but it is also important to discuss the best solutions with your chiropractor. This will give you an idea of which treatments to go for and help you understand how long you will have to wait for you to fully recover.