Games to Have in Your Basement

We loved growing up and having friends over to hang out in our basement.  Rainy days were easy to escape by going inside and hiding out downstairs. Our cinder block walls and cold cement floor were cool and kept us busy and gave us a place to be away from our parents.  But things have changed a little bit, and now we find that kids want to sit around looking at the small screen playing games for one. Or maybe you’re an adult that wants to spend less time going out and more time at home.  So we have put together a list of games that will keep the fun going wherever you are, and whomever you are with.


Darts are a staple at most bars and pubs and tend to be the go to game for hanging out with friends.  No need to go down to the local bar and wait in line to get in a game of cricket. We think having an electronic dart board at home is a super way to keep friends and family engaged, and with out taking up a lot of space.  Taking up a small bit of wall space, and only needing about eight feet of space to stand away, this is a solid option for small and large spaces alike.  With the electronic dart board, you don’t run as much risk of damaging walls with the sharp points found in traditional dart boards. Be sure to get a small chalkboard to hang next to your dartboard for keeping score.  Peanuts and popcorn are optional.


Table soccer, or as it is sometimes called, fuzboll or foosball, is loosely based on soccer.  Players are at a bar with two different colored teams interspersed throughout the field. You spin the exterior handles to make them circle around and “kick” the ball, trying to score a goal on your opponent.  No electricity needed, just a lot of man power and quick thinking skills for foosball. This soccer inspired game comes in both floor models and table top versions and gives multiple players the opportunity to participate at once.  It is fun for adult and child mixed teams since twirling the handles doesn’t require a level of strength that will vary among team members. Also fun for one on one enjoyment.


Now, this is a game that would be suited for larger spaces, but a classic one to include in your game room or basement if you have the room to play.  Billiards, or pool, is a game to be enjoyed by all ages, and while team play is limited to maybe 4-6 people, you can engage in some good family fun without excluding everyone at once!  Also available in floor and table top versions, and if you want something in between, consider a bumper pool table with a cover that doubles as a card table for those poker and card games that may happen on a night or two.

Air Hockey Table

A few of us grew up playing air hockey, and this was the game that brought all of the neighborhood kids around for fun.  It was fast paced and allowed us to play as teams with two on two. Watch out for those fingers though – this isn’t a game you want to leave with little kids around because the puck can fly and really hurt small hands.  When the air hockey table was not in use, we had a ping pong net that we could assemble across for additional fun. This might require a board, depending on which type of game you get, but you can purchase the net and paddles for a nominal cost.

In addition to these larger ticket games that we have put together for you to consider, make sure that you have smaller tables set around your basement or tv trays that can double as tables.  It is here that you can setup games of checkers, backgammon, or other board games that can keep the crowd entertained. Make sure that you have proper lighting and room for whichever games you choose, and chairs to accommodate your friends.   Be sure to schedule a game night at least once a month!