Reasons to Own a Home Security System

Peace of mind isn’t something that can be purchased, but there are items that you can buy which can give a sense of calm that you, your family and your home are safe. One of those items is a home security system. Many people wonder if they need one, and wonder if the cost is justifiable to their budget, or that they “live in a safe area”.  So let’s look at the top five reasons that we think you should own a home security system.

Protection from Intruders

Some statistics list homes without security systems of being at an increased risk of being 300% more likely to be broken into than those with a system in place.  And considering that most of burglaries are residential break ins, these numbers add up to enough. Neighborhoods are safer for everyone if the majority (or all) of the homes are equipped with safety and monitoring systems. An intruder may come into your home looking for valuables to pillage, but find you and your family there as well.  The consequences of this unexpected situation are not something you want to be faced with, and you do not want your family to be a target.

Protection from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Advancements in technology and current offerings of home security systems go beyond the standard protection from theft and intrusion.  Many are equipped with monitor systems that alert to carbon monoxide leaks which are odorless and usually go undetected until it’s too late.  Fires may erupt in the middle of the night when you are less aware and unlikely to respond quickly. With the built-in feature of a beyond the standard protection from theft and intrusion monitoring your home, the fire department is on their way before you may even be out of bed.  Additionally, audible alarms will sound that can wake you and your family to act quickly and get to safety. Some security systems have a feature that will give you voice assistance through the main console and can provide medical assistance to an individual who is incapacitated or a child needing assistance with a parent or adult who is not able to respond.  With mobile phones being the primary way of telephoning each other, and a lack of landlines, this is a feature you should consider to be an incredible asset.

Peace of Mind & An Extra Set of Eyes

You cannot be home and on watch all the time.  We go to work, take vacations, and spend time with friends.  A home security system is on guard when you are not. Alerts, alarms, and directives to emergency response teams are built in so that you can be away and relax.  This coverage extends to our beloved pets who we have to leave at home alone – and unless you have a talented dog, they are not able to dial the phone for help. The remote viewing capabilities of home security systems also make your mobile device a third set of eyes.  We hear an increasing number of stories on the news where burglars are unaware they are being watched and are being filmed by the homeowner on a mobile device. This not only assists in stopping the crime but also helps with proper identification in arrests.

Protection for your Valuables

Aside from our loved ones, we have material items that hold a lot of value as well.  These valuables are covered by insurance, but that does not matter much if they are irreplaceable.  There is not a dollar amount that can cover and replace your grandmother’s wedding ring. With the excessive cost of electronics and the quick depreciation on them, you may have a challenging time getting the amount of money that you need to replace what you have lost to theft.  It is better to take measures against this happening in advance rather than having to deal with the hassle and frustration of a loss. A small amount up front or with monthly coverage makes a significant impact overall in the prevention of loss or theft.

Insurance Savings

As soon as you have a home security system installed, check with your insurance agent about getting a deduction on your homeowners, or renters policy.  While amounts will vary, there should be saving that will assist with offsetting the cost to get the system in place