Sites with Breathtaking Free Stock Photos – To search for a suitable image with its further placement on a specific site does not take much time. On the Internet, an ordinary user can find a thousand places where he can download the necessary snapshot, vector image or icon. But you might think like that: Can the downloaded photos be placed in their publications without copyright infringement? You need a high-quality snapshot, and you don’t want to spend your money on it.

We are glad to inform you good news that you can find stunning free stock photos that allow you to download free images and post high-quality images without the risk of copyright infringement and license acquisition.

In this case, free drains come to our rescue. You can download images from these sites with a clear conscience both for non-commercial and free stock images for commercial use purposes – this means that you can use them to illustrate blog articles, as well as create banners and other advertising for your business based on them.

So, here comes our top royalty free images stocks.

Top 15 Breath Taking Free Stock Photos Websites


stocksnap.ioThe creators of proudly claim that their site is “not just a boring photo bank,” and it’s hard to argue with that. Indeed, they captured the hearts of marketers by weekly uploading hundreds of images in wide resolution (yes, hundreds).

These free Stock Photos are so exciting and multifaceted that it is very easy to get carried away and browse through over fifty pages in a row. Moreover, the images are not copyrighted and do not require attribution.

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#2. Pexels

PexelsPexels usually adds 35 or more photos per week. These images are carefully selected from a variety of sources so that you get the best of the best. All selected photographs are awarded a free Creative Commons license, that is, the materials can be used for personal and commercial purposes without attribution.

Thanks to the functional search, it will be surprisingly easy to choose the right photo for the project.

  • The best free stock photos are collected in one place.
  • Currently, the service represents more than 40 thousand free photos.
  • Pexels presents absolutely royalty free images with high-quality. All images are available for search in the system.
  • All Images are free for Non-commercial and even for all commercial use.
  • Plyazh photos.
  • Abstraktnye photos.
  • Pictures car.
  • Black and white photographs.
  • Year-old photos.
  • Photos city.
  • Peyzazhnye photos.
  • Music Photo.
  • Love photos.
  • Starinnye photos.
  • Technology photos.
  • Fashion photos.
  • Vselennaya photos.

#3. Unsplash

UnsplashThis stock has extremely beautiful content. Every 10 days, 10 high-resolution free photos are added to the site. And Photos are gorgeous, breathtaking landscapes made by professional photographers and foggy mountains, sparkling splashes, and mesmerizing geometric patterns. This site is worth visiting for released creative commons.

Key Feathers:

  • 10 new photos, can be downloaded every 10 days.
  • This site has many free high-quality photos with high resolution.
  • Registration is easy. You can also download materials without registration.

#4. Pixabay is the undisputed number one in this ranking by the volume of images stored there. The quality of many photos on it is not inferior to professional paid drains. The site has a huge number of raster and vector images for free download.

  • More than a million free images download with high quality.
  • All images and videos on Pixabay are released free of copyright under the Creative Commons CC0 license.
  • You can download, modify, distribute and use them without charging for any purpose, including commercial ones. Attribution is optional.

The most generous stock service is pleased to offer users free beautiful Stock images in various categories: photos, illustrations, vectors, videos, etc.

#5. Gratisography

GratisographyPhotographer Ryan McGuire leads this site alone, which guarantees a certain author’s style of images. A special advantage of his great stock photos is liveliness and vivid emotions – something that is not so much on free drains.

  • This site is packed with high-quality, high-resolution images, all of which are free for download for personal and free stock images for commercial use.
  • The selection is updated weekly, and you can download in one click.
  • Convenient search method. New photos are added daily.

#6. MMT Stock

MMTThe site has lot of free stuff with stunning stock photos in all categories like:

  • Abstraction.
  • Amusement Park.
  • Animals.
  • Beaches.
  • Buildings.
  • Business.
  • City.
  • Clouds.
  • Autumn.
  • Flowers.
  • Food & Drink.
  • Holidays.
  • Nature.
  • Leaves.
  • Nature.
  • New York …
  • Free photo for commercial use.

Use them in your projects in any way you want.

#7. Picjumbo

picjumboGreat stock with good high-resolution stock photos and easy navigation. The site stores a lot of beautiful images of food, so if your topic is related to food – this site will surely become your favorite.

To find interesting images for a site, blog, etc., it is worth visiting Picjumbo, and perhaps other resources will not be needed anymore. Fresh works appear here daily, there is a huge selection of quality materials on a variety of topics.

#8. Kaboom Pics is an excellent choice to get exciting free images for the purpose of business or your personal projects.

  • All Free stock photos download.
  • Daily update!
  • Really easy to sign up.

#9. Life of Pix

Life of PixA collection of stunning, high-quality images from Life of Pix created by talented photographers of the Leeroy Advertising agency in Montreal.

All materials shared for free can be used for personal and commercial purposes. In addition, Life of Pix has a twin – Life of Vid, where free video content of various formats is laid out every week. Like the images, the video is not protected by copyright, and it can be easily downloaded via Vimeo.

#10. Little Visuals

Little VisualsIf you subscribe to this site, then by mail you can receive an archive of seven free images/Stock photos once a week. Suitable for those users who like to collect their own clip art on their computer.

#11. New Old Stock

New old stockNew Old Stock, a collection of old, mostly black and white photos provided by official institutions or found in home archives for the sale of real estate. The frozen history of different countries, from the scrutiny of which it is difficult to break away.

Key Feathers:

  • Old Stock photos from state archives.
  • Photos are free from all restrictions of copyright
  • Available collection of antique photos from publicly available collections

#12. Jay Mantri

jAY MANTRIPhotographer Jay Mantri (Jay Mantri) adds every Thursday his 7 beautiful stock photos. As a result, there was an impressive collection of masterful images available for use for any purpose.

The works of Mantry can be described as very picturesque and amazing. But do not believe the word, make your own opinion.

High conversions to you! Visit Site:

#13. Startup Stock Photos

Startup stock photos“Take for free. Forward. Do something you would like do”- Startup-Stock pictures let it exhausting to misapprehend.

Although the word “startup” has a well-defined meaning, the site contains many options and categories. You are guaranteed to find enough thematic images that are not protected by copyright.

#14. Imcreator

IM is another high-quality free image library. On this site you can find beautiful stock photos of various subjects, icons and even templates for flyers. The images are very professional and are not inferior in quality to their counterparts from paid sites.

#15. Freeimages

Free is another site with both paid and free stock photos of a wide variety of subjects. The site has a convenient search, which significantly saves time when selecting illustrations.

Some Other Free Stock Photos Websites to Consider

Openphoto is one of the oldest sites that appeared in 1998. It is therefore not surprising that he gained a solid base of a variety of images. All of them are divided into categories, and by clicking on the one you need, you can select the appropriate stock picture.

All The Free Stock

Free stock images, icons, and videos.

All photos, videos, and icons are collected in one place. The service offers different licenses but advises checking the conditions of their use on each site before uploading files for their own purposes.

  • Video, Music and icons in one place.
  • All images with a free license (Creative Commons Zero license)
  • Free Stock Video
  • Free sound effects
  • Free icons


The author of this photo created it for free stock images for commercial use and personal. For many years, photos gathering dust on their disks have accumulated so much. After that, the author decided to share them for free.

Foodie’s Feed

  • FoodiesFeed is a resource of free realistic food images, in high resolution and absolutely free.
  • Everything related to food. All of them are fully available for download.
  • Visit Site:


A small stock of creative photos. The service of free high-resolution photos from the studio Hidden Depth. Photos are selected for publication at their own discretion.


Google Advanced Image Search

Of course, one cannot forget this advanced Google search on images hosted on different sites. Uses Google search features.

  • Visit: Google Advanced Image Search
  • Address:

The provided stock photos on all these sites are completely free, but on most of them there is an opportunity to buy a cup of coffee to a vending author. Do not pass by this opportunity: only 100-200 rubles, and your favorite author is motivated and again rushes into battle for a photo hunt for the next decoration for your site.

I hope our selection was useful to you and made it easier for you to find royalty free images stocks. It remains for us to wish you good creative projects and design inspiration.