Free Vector Images for Commercial Use

Generally, we use free vector images from time to time. A good selection of free resources (including fonts and free vectors) can be the cornerstone of any designer. Unfortunately, the searches you use most often do not apply to the most beautiful content, because unwanted files, intricate pages or commercial resources limit the ability to download and send paid photos over the nose.

To help you avoid this negative experience, we’ve created the 15 best sites that offer free vector images that you can download for free. Make sure to read the licence before using the downloaded vectors.

Free Design File:

Free Design FileFreeDesignFile is updated continuously and complements the collection of high-quality vectors. This is a great place to quickly search for vector drawing elements and entire vector images that can be edited in Illustrator. All images are free for personal use, as many of them are available for commercial purposes.

In this service, vector images are assembled in more than 30 different categories. Also, there is a separate block of icons. In addition, many brushes, gradients, textures, and other utilities collect Adobe Photoshop applications. It’s all in one place, okay, isn’t it cool? If you go there, you will find all the documents on the label, which is also very practical.


Vector4FreeThe Vector4Free series is not that big – there are more than 1,500 free vectors. It’s much smaller than most other places available here, but the quality of the search and reviews exceeds all the praise, so it’s very easy to find what you want. All vector images are free for personal use, but if you’re going to use images for commercial projects, we recommend that you check their licenses.


FreepikHundreds of free vector images appear daily on this site. It’s called “the main search engine for vector projects.” The site was created to help you find free vector images, illustrations, icons, PSD files, and photos. Overall, the site has more than one million vectors and free images that can be downloaded in AI, EPS or SVG format.

The service is called “the main pursuit of free vector design.” This resource is a loyal assistant seeking free vector images, illustrations, icons, PSD presentations, and photos. Millions of vector images are placed on the site and add 100 images a day.


VexelsFormerly known as VectorOpenStock, Vexels still contains thousands of free vector images and drawings for users. The site adds a new feature, the online editor, which allows you to customize vector drawings, create layouts, add new elements, and change colors and source text in your browser. This is very useful because it allows you to make all changes online and download standard projects instead of downloading individual site resources.

Free Vector:

Free VectorFree Vector is a free website with over 200,000 EPS files. AI, PDF, and SVG. Users can use keywords to search for the desired image and display 3D, Icon, Animala, Vintage and Business categories. To download a file you do not need to create an account, but with this loading method, the ad is presented to the user. Free images can only be used for non-commercial projects, but if you sign up for $ 9.99 a month, you can access advanced vector graphics licenses for commercial purposes.

You can find all the vector graphics here. You can download them instantly in different formats. Therefore, the original development of this service is simply irreplaceable.

This service is growing fast. If all the previous vector images are in black and white (more than enough), designers can now create many color icons on different themes.

Moreover, the process of downloading the icons is very convenient. When moving a thumbnail while navigating through the settings icon, click the plus sign in the top box. Then, all selected images are downloaded in an archive in the desired format: PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD or BASE64.


VecteezyVecteezy makes it easy to find and download vector clipart, divided into three themes: art, icons, and templates. It is also available to users, such as Recent receipts and sections of different categories. Each file has its license, most of which are free for personal and commercial use. Forced registration is not mandatory, but it speeds up the download. The site can leave comments and store interesting files in your account. Vecteezy has a unique feature: The page has a built-in online editor that allows you to change images, colors, and fonts before downloading files.

Flat Icon:

Flat IconIf you need to find a vector icon, visit the flat icon site. At this source, you will find more than 10,000 icon sets, most of which are available for free. Premium versions of $ 7.50 per month are available to access Premium versions. These icons are available for commercial projects. All the icons are well sorted. The page is searched by category and filters of color and black and white icons. There is a handy feature on flat images that allows you to create your icon collection without having to download the entire collection. Users can download files in PNG, SVG, EPS and PSD formats. The download is only available to registered users. When you are registered, all files are downloaded immediately, but as with the option of purchasing a paid account appear sometimes.

Vector.Me contains a collection of over 280,000 vector images. The web page search system does not fit into a free vector search on the web, but the website offers many unique products designed by itself. The site also has separate sections for logos and icons so you can get everything you need in a resource.

Fudge Graphics

Fudge GraphicsFudgeGraphics is a creative blog created by designer Franz Gets. There are very few choices and quantities of products, but everything is of high quality including a number of the best free vector splash files available online. It is worth including the best source of free vector images.

Designer Franz Jeitz leads Fudgegraphics blog. You can’t find here hundreds of free pictures. But this resource is characterized by the author’s high-quality free work and is known for the best online spray design.

Vector Stock:

vector stockVector Stock offers paid vector images, but there are about 150,000 free vectors on this site. The search allows you to search only free images and you can see similar images. The user can choose the format in which he will download the file. It is also possible to make a paid subscription that allows commercial use of downloaded files. Registration for vector stocks is required. After registration is downloaded as soon as possible and the pop-up ads. You can also connect to Dropbox, which is useful for slow internet connections.

Dry Icons:

Dry IconsThe website for dry icons is interesting because it specializes in free vector icons, but you can find other vector graphics. This collection contains more than 6,700 files. According to the rules, all documents used in personal and commercial projects must be accompanied by a link to the Dry Icons source. Icons and graphics are presented in a collection with the latest information on the products displayed on the main page. The desired image can be searched for keywords while the system understands the user’s thoughts and suggests similar categories. For example, a search for “cats” with suggestions for categories such as. Pets or “dogs.” The file is downloaded 3 seconds after pressing the button, and the user cannot recognize the file format before the download is complete. The problem is curious, but the designer of the website has mixed the free vector image with the Shutterstock graphic. When performing a search, all results are displayed, whether paid or not. This may prompt some users. is an easily readable tool for free vector art and vector art catalog. The site itself has a fun vector community structure. Comment and download free vector graphics. The newly added vector appears at the top of the page, and all are free for personal use.

Vector Portal:

Vector PortalThe Vector Portal website has existed since 2005 and is currently one of the largest resources with free vector graphics. In addition to high-quality stock vectors, you can also find a wide selection of Photoshop and Illustrator brushes, and a wide variety of graphic materials. Users can search for charts by keyword or category of navigation (flags, animals, patterns, etc.). You can also download and view the most popular photos recently. The download starts right away but opens a new tab in the browser, which is annoying. Most files are in EPS and AI format. Vector illustrations can be used for commercial projects, but you need to be careful and check the license. Vector Portal also offers a blog with ideas and tutorials to help beginners.

In addition, there is a search for the latest or most popular filters. It is also very handy, so you can quickly find the vector image you need.

I want to say – to edit an image. You need the Adobe Illustrator program. If you open an image in Adobe Photoshop, you get a single layer after merging the layers in the original image. Of course, low work, in this case, becomes impossible.


BrandEPSBrandEPS is a great site with large logos and icons. The site currently contains more than 9,000 corporate logos and more than 3,000 corporate icons. It’s a great place to quickly create logos in SVG, JPG and PNG formats that are downloaded for free public access.


Freelance.DiscountIf the search for free vector graphics fails, visit the Freelance.Discount website. There are many vector files at this source that can be downloaded at a low price. Almost all vector graphics instructions are available, icons, logos, but you can also contact the designer and change item file extra charges.