Top 4 Web Design Trends

In the business world, first impressions matter, and this is more than just your elevator pitch. It takes your target audience a fraction of a second to form an opinion about your brand based on your website’s appearance. For some people, this first impression may be your storefront or brand’s website and may end up being the only impression they will ever form about your brand.

One thing that most business people don’t know is that website visitors really care about design. A recent study revealed that 75% of internet users who visit a given website would rate its credibility based on its overall layout and design. That means working with a web design agency to stay on top of various website design trends is important. Here are some of the common website trends that could make a huge difference in your overall website performance.

  • Dark mode

The advent of the dark mode future in most smartphones, iPads, and popular applications is now common among many consumers. This feature is much easier on the eyes of people who are constantly using electronic devices. It also creates a clean, simple appeal. Various surveys have shown that most consumers prefer dark mode, particularly if they use their devices for long periods.

Generally, a dark or black background is usually paired site-wide with bright call-to-action buttons. This makes the overall design element is stand out even more while providing the user with a visually smooth and exceptional experience. Most web designers unanimously agree that dark mode could offer a better user experience if implemented well.

  • White space frames

According to most design experts, minimalism is a common website design trend in 2021. Creating a site with centered content framed by carefully placed whitespaces is one of the effective ways to ensure that your website visitors’ focus is on the services or products your website offers. White space creates balance and emphasis or usually pulls attention to the exact visuals and words you want your target audience to focus on.

  • Geometric designs

No one knew that geometry could look so elegant. Geometric shapes may be so versatile that you can use them in a town of creative ways to draw attention exactly where you need it successfully. Whether you choose stripes, triangles, squares, or other fun out-of-the-box shapes, geometric designs are an effective way to roll out a modern, minimalist feel for your business website. Be sure to work with a designer who can create and implement well-thought-out geometric designs.

  • Minimalist navigation

In 2021, professional designers believe that less is more. Navigation buttons are often an underrated aspect of a website designer. However, an increasing number of designers are beginning to implement minimalism throughout website navigation. By combining various navigational buttons into a single drop-down menu, a designer can successfully clean up the distracting buttons and place focus into the folded text or video at the center of the website.

If you need a professional website, work with a web design agency to help you implement these stunning design trends.