Home Pest Control

Having pests and rodents in your home can be a great nuisance. Insects, like flies and cockroaches cause food contamination, which can seriously affect your health. Mosquitoes and bedbugs are equally annoying as they feed on human blood. Pests can be hard to control as they are skillfully hideous. Weather also plays a role in the prevalence of pests in your home.

When the weather cools down especially during the spring, pests will look for a warm place to hide. Your home can be a perfect place for them as they can also obtain food there. These tips will help you control pests that might be giving you a headache.

#1. Seal Entry Points Around Your Home

A common entry point for rodents is through the chimney openings. This area should be properly screened. Cracks and gaps should also be properly sealed since these are the entry points for small insects. If you have done this but still do not see a decrease in the number of pests that invade your home, then you should consult a professional pest control service provider.

If you are in California, with a brief online local search, you are likely to get the best services in pest control Thousand Oaks can offer. Go for a reliable extermination service that efficiently deals with common pests and rodents.

#2. Maintain Cleanliness

A tidy home discourages pest infestation. Ensure that your house, especially the kitchen is always tidy. A dirty kitchen with food scattered all over is a good playground for pests. Regular vacuum cleaning will get rid of bedbugs that might have hitchhiked into your house on contaminated furniture.

#3. Tightly Close Your Food and Trash Cans

It would help if you had airtight containers that you use to store food in the kitchen to ward off flies and roaches. Open trash cans also attract pests. They will keep coming to find food. Therefore, you should ensure that they are well shut.

#4. Keep Firewood Away From Your Home

Pests, especially termites inhabit firewood piles. If the firewood pile is close to your house, the pests will easily make way inside. To avoid this, keep firewood distant from your house. Pests can also find a way into your home by walking across tree branches that touch your house. You can discourage this by regularly trimming overgrown shrubs and branches around your home.

#5. Pets and Pests

If you are not careful, pets can invite pests in your house. For example, leaving food for your pet unattended will be appealing for pests. You can pick up pet food that is uneaten after an hour to prevent attracting cockroaches. Clean up the area around the pet’s feeding bowl. You should avoid feeding your pets outside because picking up fallen bits of food on the lawns is unlikely. Food left outside will attract pests that will eventually enter your home. Pets are prone to flea infestations. Therefore, you should get flea-prevention treatment for your pets regularly.

#6. Get Rid Of Moisture

Damp conditions favor pests because they too need water to survive. To eliminate breeding grounds for pests, always ensure that your house is well ventilated.