waterproof backpack for your traveling

Today’s traveling trend comprises a replacement of the suitcases with backpacks. These bags offer a comfortable and convenient way to maneuver around the world. In the pursuit of adventure, individuals prefer to go for trips in all seasons.

A typical backpack will, therefore, be limiting if you travel to the wet areas or plan to go for kayaking during your adventure.

For this reason, purchasing a best waterproof backpack is a necessity.  A waterproof bag is an efficient travel bag for all seasons. With such a bag, transporting your belongings in all weather conditions is convenient without the fear of damage by water.

When it comes to purchasing this bag, however, you will need to focus on some critical points as a smart buyer in order to settle for the best. To guide your selection, this article offers you ten key points that you should consider before purchasing your next backpack for your trips this year. Keep on reading.


Usually, consumers rate a product quality with its price. With waterproof bags, the case is no different. However, you should not arrive at your purchase decision by focusing on the price factor only. Waterproof backpacks feature a slightly higher price compared to other types of backpacks. This price is a representation of its quality compared to the ordinary backpacks and should not discourage your purchase decision.  With a proper prior review, however, you can get a good quality backpack at your budget.


Waterproof bags come in different volumes ranging from 20L to 100L volume. Compared to the size of your luggage, you can adjust this volume by rolling and unrolling the bag. Thus, if your luggage is small, roll up the bag to make it compact and if your luggage is big, unroll the bag.


As the name suggests, waterproof backpacks feature an impermeable material in their make to ensure your stuff remain dry. These materials feature strength and durability, making the bags suitable even in the harsh conditions. The most commonly used materials include nylon and polyester. The polyester features a PVC tarpaulin and TPU coating that contributes to its toughness and durability. However, if you are looking for the best material for your backpack, then purchase one made with RF welded seams. This material utilizes electromagnetic energy to hold your stuff together.


Traveling with your backpack implies carrying it on your back for a better part of the trip. As a traveler, you do not want to compromise on the joy of the journey by using up all your energy to carry the bag. This is especially if you are on camping travel. For this reason, therefore, a lighter bag is ideal for comfort and to prevent back pains. Naturally, waterproof backpacks are heavier due to the materials used in their making. However, during purchase, consider the lighter models which offer maximum comfort for all-day wear.


The fact that your backpack will be on your back for a better part of your travel implies the need to look for one with comfort features. These include padded straps which rest well on your shoulders to offer comfort especially if your luggage is heavy. Since backpacks come in different sizes and heights, the straps, especially the waist and sternum straps should be adjustable for a perfect fit. Also, the backpack you select should have a good shape that contours well with your back for maximum comfort.


If you are a fashion maniac or you simply don’t want to embarrass yourself by wearing the wrong bag,  style is a crucial point to look for before purchase. Usually, waterproof backpacks feature a waterproof fabric which looks almost like rubber or plastic. To match your bag with your trip’s theme and purpose, play around with different bag colors.  Also, if you want to keep your profile low but still maintain your style, where possible, avoid the extra large bags.


Among the extra accessories you should consider includes a D-ring. This feature is essential to secure your bag in place when you are not wearing it on your back during the trip. Another important attachment is the haul handle which facilitates carriage through short distances. Other useful attachments you should look for include the waterproof pouches and phone cases.


Waterproof backpacks feature a roll-top closing system. Besides offering an easy and reliable way to use your bag in the wet environments, this closure also serves as an antitheft system. To close your bag, you will need to fold it severally and secure the fold with a strap. These folds prevent water from entering your bag while giving any thief a hard time to open and access your belonging inside the bag.

Smart pockets

When traveling, you will need to carry some of your valuables. These include your credit cards or other travel documents. To contain these documents and valuables in your backpack, consider a bag with a card or secret pocket to hold your valuables in place thus preventing loss.

Eco-friendly bags

Waterproof bags have a long life due to their durable and quality construction. Their construction, however, features nylon and plastic materials. As a smart buyer, therefore, you need to be cautious of how you will dispose of these bags long after they wear out to avoid the negative impacts of plastic on the environment. Thus, as an alternative, purchase recyclable bags or bags made of Thermoplastic Polyurethane.

In conclusion, traveling whether locally or internationally is fun especially when it is an adventurous journey. To ensure no limitations by the weather, then a waterproof backpack is an important asset for your trip planning. With this bag, you can carry your electronics and valuables and maneuver through different weather conditions. What’s more, the availability of this bag in different sizes allows you to carry more pieces of luggage for use during your trip, allowing you to extend your vacation to your convenience. Even if your bag falls in water, your belongings will remain in perfect shape, giving you maximum freedom throughout your adventure.