Tips to Add Volume To Thin Hair

Got fine, flat hair? You know the real struggle of dealing with limp waves and lifeless bangs. You have probably already tried every single thickening spray or hair concealer out there in an attempt to preserve every possible strand.

But battling with thin, flat, lifeless hair seems like an unrealistic dream when you see no positive result after so many efforts. Disappointed? Well, don’t be. You can transform your flat strands into big, bouncy locks with volume. How? Here are few tips from the pros to boost the volume of your fine hair.

Avoid Tangles

When the thickness of your ponytail starts decreasing, losing any strands due to harsh brushing is something you want to avoid. Fine, thin hair is more vulnerable to static and wind which are major contributors to tangly hair.

Also, teasing combs and hairspray can cause serious tangling in hair. Of course, the conditioner is an obvious fix. However, stay away from the heaviest tangle-busting formulas that can weigh down your hair and eliminate natural bounce of your locks. Here are some ways to avoid knots and tangles.

  • Brush your hair before a shower
  • Avoid brushing wet hair
  • Give a quick brush to your hair before bed
  • Tie your hair in a loose braid or ponytail while going to bed
  • Use satin pillowcase

Use Volumizing Products

Volumizing products go a long way in enhancing the thickness of your hair. Products like volumizing spray and a lightweight mousse will give your hair a fuller look. Begin with damping your hair from roots to ends using a volumizing spray and a lightweight mousse. Make sure the mousse is light and foamy and take a wide-tooth comb to distribute it evenly.

Choose Right Shampoo

Washing and conditioning your hair with the right shampoo is an essential step to amp up the volume. Some hydrating products work great for coarser strands but thin hair can be weighed down by such formulas. Instead, go for a volumizing product like dht blocker shampoo which is formulated to make the fine hair look visibly fuller.

Apply Conditioner on the Tips

Conditioner makes hair soft and supple but it can also weigh your hair down. Moreover, most of us tend to pile hair conditioner on the roots rather than from the tips and this can lead to more hair problems.

Get a Right Haircut

If you think you can’t pull off certain haircuts just because you got a thin hair, you are mistaken.  You can easily pull off any haircuts from long manes to chin-length bobs. All you need to do is just make it work for you.  For instance, while opting for a bob haircut, layering your hair can work best. It will offer a fuller appearance to your hair.

Camouflage Limp Locks

Do you have a wide part and visible scalp? There is no better option than a good hair concealer to add volume and mass to your fine hair. Just spray on the scalp to instantly fill in spots and you will instantly create an illusion of thick mane.

Don’t use heating tools often

The hair tools may make your hair look great for a while but most of them may adversely affect your hair. They can damage your hair to a great extent. Styling tools like hair dryers, curling irons, and straighteners can dry out your hair or even burn it off.

Go for a multi-layered hairstyle

Multilayered hairstyle with an uneven or messy fringe can create an illusion of greater volume. The best part about this hairstyle is it suits almost every type of face and hair.

Flip Your Part

You may have your own favorite place to part your hair or there may be a place where your hair likes to fall naturally. But what you don’t know is, it is also the place where your hair lies the flattest and you are training it to stay that way. Flipping the part to the opposite side will offer instant volume to the crown area. You can also do it while the hair is still wet as it will not make you look lopsided.

Blow-Dry Your Hair Upside Down

The best blow-dry technique is to do it by flipping your head upside down. Such a practice can offer an easy and instant volume to your hair. For a straight hair with volume look, finish it off with a flat iron and then go for a final smoothing with a round brush. Let your hair cool down for about 10 minutes before brushing it.

Final Thought

It takes a bit of effort and time to naturally add gorgeous volume to droopy, limp hair. Have a protein-rich diet and scalp your massage with some natural oil to breathe life into fine and thin hair. Don’t try out every volumizing product that you can get your hands on as it may work against you. There are some best hair concealers out there that add instant volume to thin hair.

Now that you have plenty of tricks up your sleeve, it is time to give your fine hair an upswing it seeks in terms of volume and appearance.