Best Tips on How to Do Perfect Exercises at Home

Wondering whether you can transform your body from fat to fit without going to the gym? Well, certainly you can. I am aware that there could be thousands (perhaps more) of reasons for your reluctance to go to the gym. Perhaps you are too busy, or gyms are expensive or maybe you just hate the company of strangers. But you must not let these petty excuses prevent you from having a healthy and toned body.

Saying no to the gym does not necessarily mean no to the exercise. You can still get in shape and have stone abs just by doing exercise at home. What if you have no idea about exercise at home? Well, my dear friend, I am here to help and solve all of your problems.

Now, your aim is to achieve fitness, while my goal is to help you. And I hope to aid you in your endeavor by providing you with some great exercise related tips. Let me inform you that, at the end of this article, you will be equipped with useful information that will certainly help you to become fitter than ever. So, without much ado, let us get started and below are the 7 most effective tips on how to do perfect exercise at home.

1. Get Your Clothes Right

Choosing comfortable and appropriate clothes is vital for your exercise regimen. As it is necessary that you feel comfortable while working out, otherwise you would lose your focus and might prompt you to quit. My sincere advice is, don’t go for clothes that are too tight, as they could cause disturbance to your blood circulation and breathing. You should buy clothes that are comfortable and will give you flexibility. And to avoid mishaps, please choose shoes that are designed to suit your intended exercise.

2. You Need to Be Consistent

Doing the exercise once a week won’t get you abs of steel. Moreover, it is too straining for our body to undergo irregular vigorous exercise. For this obvious reason, and to achieve your objective you must work out regularly, at least every other day. However, don’t do it every day, as you need to give your body enough time to rest so that it could build the muscle. On the plus side, consistent exercise is great for our mental health as it plays an important role in reducing stress and also releases a substance called ‘endorphins’ that brightens up our mood. Thus, for the sake of your health and future chiselled body, exercise regularly.

3. Make an Exercise Routine

You need to make a workout schedule, and you had better write it down to make sure that you are committed to your exercise plan. Your exercise must include ‘strength training’ as it will help to tone your whole body. While, you will also need to incorporate aerobic exercise (also known as cardio activity) into your fitness regimen, which will improve and increase the blood flow. FYI, cardio activities are done at low intensity but for a longer duration of time. I would suggest that you buy a rowing machine for aerobic exercise as no other cardio machine works your body harder than this. You should also set aside a few minutes for warm-up before starting the exercise. Therefore, a carefully planned exercise, if executed properly, will go a long way to help you to get your coveted body structure.

4. Choose your preferred time

We are not a robot and do not possess unlimited energy. Thus, it is vital that you choose a time for exercise when you feel most energetic. For example, if you are an early bird like me, you should choose morning for your workout time. As, after a tiring day of work, exercise would be the last thing on my mind (even murder would be preferable to me at that me). However, if you feel lively only in the latter stages of the day, then you better schedule your workout in the afternoon or in the evening. Experts say that doing the workout when you are full of energy brings out the best results.

5. Do Anaerobic Exercise

Want to kick some ass but don’t have the strength, then anaerobic exercise is perfect for you. Anaerobic exercise is the opposite of aerobic exercise. They are done at a high intensity but for a short period of time. The intense exercise enables lactate to form and plays a significant part in building overall strength of the body and muscle mass. Therefore, as soon as you finish this article (not before that, as I am not finished yet), hit the ground running to have a harder, faster and strong body.

6. Don’t Set the Bar Too High

‘I want to have those kickass abs’, yes, we all have said this by looking at someone else’s abs at some point in our life. But we need to be practical and set some realistic goals.

Aiming for perfection or impossible goals could set you up for inevitable failure. Therefore, start by setting small goals and don’t get disappointed if you are not getting the desired results.

7. Be Happy

Last but not least, be happy. Don’t do an exercise that you despise. Suppose, you hate squats, then don’t do it, as there are other activities that would help you to lose weight. Remember, never sacrifice your happiness, no matter what.

Now that I am finished what are you waiting for? Pick up your ass and get started. And one last thing, please let me know your thought about this article in the comment section below.

Author Bio:  Saffie khan has graduated in marketing and now working as freelance writer. She develops her habit to write on business, travel and health as well. You can find her at @meetsaffie.