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With only a couple of months before the onset of the summer season in the northern hemisphere, hundreds of millions of homes and establishments are looking forward to rely on their air conditioning units to keep them cool in the middle of the summer heat. Climate forecasting centers are also expecting a warmer than average summer this 2019. So always make sure that your air conditioning unit is in its top shape.

With continuous usage and the usual wear and tear, your air conditioning unit may malfunction from time to time. While some damages are already beyond repair, most of air conditioning unit problems can easily be fixed in no time. Call your trusted air conditioning repair expert in your area now and beat the heat this coming summer season.

To help you on you on this, here are four things that you should know about air conditioning repairs.

Most problems with your air conditioning unit can be fixed at home

Believe it or not, most air conditioning unit problems can be fixed at home even by people with little to no knowledge about cooling systems. The most common problem with faulty air conditioners is a dirty filter. When filters accumulate dust and dirt, the efficiency of the unit deteriorates, and your air conditioner may take more time to cool a room and consume more power than usual. Also check if the air ducts and drains are clogged and have them cleaned immediately to avoid more serious issues in the future. If a malfunctioning compressor is the cause of the problem, you may need to call an AC specialist to help you out.

Other problems are connected to faulty wiring.

If the air conditioning unit is working just fine when you plug it in different outlet, then the problem is probably caused by faulty electrical wiring. If the unit is not powering on, you may need to check if there are signs of a blown fuse or if the circuit breaker has been tripped. You may simply replace the fuse or switch the breaker by to resume power. If the air conditioner is humming but not turning on, you may need to replace a damaged capacitor in the circuit box. Scheduling maintenance for your air conditioning unit is best done on a regular basis to maintain the best output of your system.

You may avoid repairs by following regular maintenance practices

Most of the time, you can avoid issues with your unit if you check its condition regularly and follow few maintenance routines. Some of the regular maintenance procedures that you can practice include cleaning the filters, drain, and vents regularly, checking for leakages, keeping the unit away from direct sunlight and other equipment, and avoiding prolonged and continuous usage.

Frequent problems may arise from inappropriate placement and incorrect use

You may be pushing your air conditioner to the limit if its capacity is not appropriate to the size of the room. So before installing one, make sure that it fits the requirements to ensure more efficient cooling. Take note that the entire system must be sealed and far from water sources and from direct sunlight exposure. Allocate more space for the compressor to allow more efficient circulation by placing the unit two to three feet away from plants, walls, and other surrounding structures.