While one may find many people ready to go to Vegas and Venice this holiday season why not stand out a little and plan a trip to somewhere a little less touristy and with a lot more exposure. Utah is famous for its skiing season but it so much more to offer. If you were planning to go on a road trip this holiday season, you should try Utah for the following reasons.

You can visit an actual Ghost Town (Thistle, Utah)

Thistle Ghost TownWho hasn’t wished to go to an actual haunted house?! A flood destroyed thistle town due to land sliding in the 1980’s. We all dress up for Halloween and try to act scary well what if you could actually get that vibe without dressing up. That supernatural feeling, standing at a place that was once a town filled with people and animals all now in ruins.

While some call it a place filled with misery, there are adventure seekers that visit this place in search of paranormal activity. So, when you’re out here expect to find someone with a video camera documenting everything.

While it most probably is haunted (well, I guess that depends on what you believe in) the event that took place has given this place a reputation that it surely lives up to. While you might be able to hit the casinos in Vegas, you are surely not going to go on a real haunted house adventure.

So what do you think? Are you going to leave the casinos behind and go to Utah? If you’re still in doubt, keep reading further.

You can dine in a Hole n’ the Rock (Moab, Utah)

Hole n the Rock MoabWe all think we know what commitment is right? Well, I after you get to know about this place I’m sure you’ll rethink what you thought you knew. A man named Albert Christensen worked for 12 long years, drilling, digging and carving to make a house for their family inside a rock. That’s where the place gets its name from (if you hadn’t guessed yet).he began in the 1940’s and made his dream home a reality in the 1950’s.

We can all imagine that poor fellow went through went people didn’t believe in his dream. Well apart from his level of commitment, this is the only place you can have dessert inside a rock (I’m pretty sure not all of your friends can brag about that).

So if you if, you do plan to visit Utah this is something you can cross off of your list of unusual things I need to do before I die.

You can see The Wahweap Hoodoos (Kanab, Utah)

Wahweap Hoodoos KanabWhile there the might be nothing to do here, this place is unusual itself. Some call it the “the White Ghosts” while some call it “Goblins Den.” I, on the other hand, think it has an uncanny resemblance to the Pirates of the Caribbean character Davy Johns.

Remember that guy with the tentacles on his face? Well, it looks like you’re looking at his face but it’s a lot bigger like a giant tentacle-faced man resting.it is sure to spook you out and give an eerie vibe that you can’t shake off.

In reality, however, it is just a formation of hard rock that protects the soft rock inside. No so scary after all.

You can go on the Hell’s Backbone (Escalante, Utah)

Hells Backbone EscalanteThe name is enough to send chills down your backbone. If you were on a trip and someone told you they were going to take the hell’s backbone to reach a particular place, I’m sure you would ask them to stop the car and get off.

Well contrary to chat you might do in an imaginary situation I recommend if you’re looking for a thrill you should take this road to Boulder. It is recommended not to take this road during extreme weather conditions.

However, on an average sunny day, you can take the respective path to Boulder and enjoy breathtaking scenery on your way there.

You can visit Saltair, the pavilion that has come back from the dead (Tootle, Utah)

Saltair the pavilionI’m sure you’ve heard the phrase back from the dead; well this concert pavilion is a living example of the particular expression.

It has been burnt down and flooded yet it has come back again and again and against all the odds has made a name for itself after more than half a century.

It has now become a famous concert pavilion that has had some of the best Utah bands perform on its stage. The famous Das Energi Festival is going to be held at this pavilion on 17th August.

The reviews about this upcoming musical event show how it has put Utah on the map of the musical world.

You can attend the biggest color festival without going to India

Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple utahThe Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple is a temple that was made by a Hindu couple in the center of a state practicing Mormonism. This temple hosts the largest color festival (Holi) outside India. A significant number of people from all around America go to attend this color festival and have fun.

Imagine enjoying the Indian culture at its peak without even going to India. It sure is a catch and its way better than other textbook vacations. You can go with friends or family and have a great time. If you are a vegetarian, then their vegetarian buffet is to die for so don’t miss out on that under any circumstances.

Thousands of people gather together here and throw powders of different color on each other. Most people do prefer to wear white during the festival.

If you want to have a time of your lives and enjoy socializing with people from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, this is your own heaven.

You can relax in a hot spring hidden naturally

While going on the road to midway Utah, there is absolutely nothing to see. The land seems monotonous. It is only when you get out and go wandering that you can find a hot water spring where you can relax and have fun without anyone even knowing that you are there. While it used to be no one’s property, in the beginning, it now belongs to a resort that is generous enough to let people use it at meager prices.

The resort also provides a safe passage to get to the spring rather than twisting your ankle trying to get on top of the protruding rock and then diving in. The natural light makes it seem eternal. It is a definite must if you visit Utah. You can have a relaxing holiday even if you’re alone or even with your friends.

Here are the seven unusual things you can do when you’re in Utah. Make sure to read about where you want to go this holiday season and have all the information that you need.

Even after getting your information from different sources call ahead to make a booking and confirm the routes and weather conditions. People living in the locality can always help. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Try something new this holiday season and stay safe.

About the Author:

Kristal Bean is a Southern California-based writer and sometimes wedding planner. In her free time, she homeschools, works out and listens to live music. Check her blog www.greenlightbooking.com.