flag pole

Yes, you have heard it from the experts: Installing a flag pole is easy. However, you cannot just choose a ground randomly and cement it without purpose. This is because a flag can communicate your feelings of patriotism; alternatively, a business can use it for branding purposes. They rip easier and require being replaced more often than polyester versions. Scottish Flag, in particular, that are made from polyester usually last much longer and are able to withstand more extreme conditions

Hence, in this article, we will help you uncover five that we think you should consider before you install a flagpole.

An appropriate contractor

Even though installing this pole is easy, you should contact a professional first. He or she will provide everything that you should know about this process. If they can be the ones installing the pole, then it would be okay.

On the other hand, go for a reputable installation company. They will provide helpful consultation and even a reasonable budget if you like their services.

Choosing a material

These poles come in different materials. Examples of popular materials include steel, aluminum, wood, or fiberglass. All of them are good options, but it draws down to durability and aesthetics.

For instance, wooden poles are suitable for people who will remove them after some time. Aluminum, on the other hand, is durable. Meaning: it will not wear off anytime soon.

The finishing

Each material comes with a coating. The coating does two things. It preserves the content underneath and is ideal for anyone mindful of aesthetics.

When it comes to this factor right here, your preference matters. Hence, consider factors such as color and the environment around the pole, which brings us to the fourth thing.

The environment matters

Other than aesthetics, you should consider the context. For instance, where do you plan to erect the pole? If the place you want to install the pole is hard ground such as pavement, it means that you need to do a lot of work.

Additionally, consider the utilities that surround your perfect flag spot. Things like building and trees can hinder people from seeing the flag. on that note, if you live in a windy area, then you need to consider a stable pole; otherwise, the flag might not be sturdy for long.

Internal vs. external halyard

An internal halyard is something ideal for anyone who wants his or her rope to last long. Nevertheless, it might cost you more to buy such a pole. External halyards, on the other hand, are perfect solutions for conservative individuals. The rope remains exposed, which means that the cable could deteriorate quickly.

Regardless, this depends on what you would like to use. If you go for the external, well and good, choose the one that works for you.


Installing a flag on your residential property can increase the value of your home. Nevertheless, that will only depend on whether you install it in the right location or not. That is why you should have the above points at the back of your head so that you can enjoy the fruits later.

Apart from that, hiring a contractor to install it for you can save time and money.