Onondaga County

Ryan McMahon is the newly elected County Executive of Syracuse. Many people admire him for his commitment to public service because of his continuous efforts to help various communities in Onondaga. Now, the citizens of Onondaga county expect so much from McMahon because he never backs out and keeps going further.

Below are the things that Ryan McMahon can do for Onondaga County:

Solve Ongoing Poverty Problem

Poverty is an ongoing problem in Syracuse, along with decaying infrastructure. Putting up new and modern infrastructure is easier than addressing the more challenging underlying poverty problem because the poverty line is composed of families stuck in the same cycle for at least two or more generations without a solution.

Ryan McMahon sees that the real cause of poverty is due to the lack of proper coordination among various sectors in New York, including the engineering, transportation, and health sectors. He believes that education is the solution to decrease and end poverty.

This is why the new County Executive aims to establish a strong partnership with Syracuse University. His partnership with SU aims to create effective workforce development programs to provide jobs to the minorities, helping the community overall.

Onondaga and its surrounding counties are now ready to reduce the high poverty rate in the area. McMahon stressed the importance of recognizing the efforts of various organizations, like the Alliance for Economic Inclusion. The $16 million that come from the initiative of CNY Rising Upstate Revitalization can help address issues involving housing, day-care, job creation, and transportation.

Improve the County’s Economic State Through Serious Tax Reforms

Ryan McMahon, on February 27, 2019, delivered his State of the County Address. He pointed out that about $8 million were spent in 2018 by Syracuse, which was less than what the county initially budgeted.

Ever since, Ryan McMahon has stood firm on his plans to catch unscrupulous entities when it comes to tax manipulation and non-payment. Of course, collecting more taxes would mean more money to spend on infrastructure projects, reliable transportation, and other government projects.

Like what he previously did, McMahon finds ways to be more practical with expenditures. Because of the growth of sales tax and smarter investments, about $5.7 million were saved and collected. The surplus in revenues and savings in expenses reflect a booming economy.

Also, Ryan McMahon has an aggressive plan to go after the biggest tax cheaters with lawsuits. In that way, small or big property owners will be forced to pay the right amount of taxes. The newly elected County Executive is strong in fighting properties, like Shoppingtown, owing millions of dollars to the people of Onondaga County.

Unite the Onondaga County Communities

The predecessor of Ryan McMahon finds uniting the people in Onondaga challenging. However, things are now getting better because McMahon has the immense ability to respect people’s outside opinions.

He believes that a united county will result in a more progressive community. Even if he lost in the previous election, he did not leave the people who supported him. He continued to attend community meetings and help people who are in need until everything paid off when he won the county’s executive position.

Drive Revenue Generating Investments For Onondaga

In any county, the growth and success of its residents are essential. This is why the investments in Onondaga should benefit the entire community and not just a small percentage of the county’s population.

This promise was already started when Ryan McMahon brought the following investments for Onondaga:

  • He brought the United States Bowling Conference in Onondaga, which led to a more profitable venture. Hotel and restaurant businesses in Onondaga were pleased because of increased visitors coming. Increased sales tax receipts were the result of the influx of visitors within the county.
  • The St. Joseph’s Health Amphitheater investment at Lakeview drove a net profit of $350,000 to the county for the last season.

Find Long-term Solutions to Address Traffic Issues 

Just recently, Ryan McMahon ordered an independent traffic study about the traffic impact of the proposed bus garage. Thousands of people from Onondaga County have signed a petition to relocate the school bus depot to Syracuse from 300 Spencer Street.

Ryan McMahon is deeply concerned that the bus garage relocation will add more traffic to the county’s northeastern half. In addition, the traffic impact of Syracuse’s Interstate 81 project in the suburbs is uncertain. Indeed, the new County Executive has straightforward plans in resolving the traffic issues of the county.


Ryan McMahon aims to make a significant change in Onondaga county. He has more than a decade of political experience, and is also known as a man of action. His plans to raise the county from poverty, oppression, violence, and crime are materializing through his persistent efforts. This is why he is well-loved by the locals.