The Best Health Apps as Rated by Patients

The coronavirus pandemic has taught us to value our health and preserve wellness. People have become more conscious about their health, actively monitoring symptoms and tracking health updates from online resources. There is also a profound rise in the use of health apps allowing users to monitor their health no matter where they are.

But which health app is best to use? It will be a challenge to find the right one with tens of thousands of health apps on the market. Statista revealed that there are more than 53,000 mHealth apps in the Google Play Store in the first quarter of 2021 alone. It is also very likely that this number has increased due to imposed lockdowns to prevent infection spread.

Six Highly Rated Health Apps by Patients in 2022

Before we find out the most popular health apps this year, let’s first focus on the features that users look for.

Health Apps Must Be Easy to Use

It can be frustrating to have an app monitor your health but you don’t use it because you find it complicated. Many users buy, download, and install a health app on their smartphones only to cancel and uninstall it because it’s too cumbersome to use.

As said by Digital Authority Partners, application developers must take time to create a fully functional and working app. They must make sure that the app is simple with easy-to-understand features to work with all types of users.

Health apps must help patients book, cancel, or change appointments. Wellness apps should help patients track and check data and share this with their physicians.

Health Apps with Social Media Features

People using health apps for weight loss, dieting, or sleep management might want to share their results with their friends or followers on social media. Health apps must have shared features that allow users to connect to their favorite social media apps in just a few clicks.

Health Apps Must Be Affordable or Free

Users would rather download a free app than pay for one on a subscription. However, users are also willing to pay if an app can provide the features they are looking for.

The Best Healthcare Apps with the Highest Ratings

Now that you have an idea of the features that patients are looking for in a health app, it is time to discover the six most highly rated apps today.


4.4 out of 5 stars

Generis is a health app that provides information about your genes. The creators believe that a deep understanding of your genes can help you learn about your current health conditions. The app is aesthetically appealing to use and easy to navigate.

This health app works by using the information you entered when you registered. You will get expert DNA-based tips for your nutrition, fitness, supplements, and activities. Generis also retrieves data from third-party apps such as and 23 and ME so that you’ll have more accurate recommendations to achieve your health and wellness goals.


4.8 out of 5 stars

Teladoc is a health app that can help you talk to a licensed physician 24/7. It lets you communicate with a doctor via video chat or phone call so that you can get expert and sound medical advice right away. Teladoc doctors are ready to help patients, but those who need immediate medical assistance must go to a medical facility right away.

You can ask a doctor about your symptoms, ask for a prescription refill, or make follow-up consults through the Teladoc app. It also connects to a nearby pharmacy, so you can get timely assistance when buying your medication. If you have the HealthKit app from Apple, you can integrate Teladoc so that you can import files for faster diagnosis.


4.6 out of 5 stars

MDacne is an app developed for patients who need the help of a dermatologist. You do not have to wait to talk to an expert because the app will assess your condition in no time.

This app will initially ask some questions about your condition and will ask you to take a photo of your skin. The app will then assess your condition and recommend the right treatments afterward. You can even request a pharmacy to deliver your skincare medication to your doorstep.


4.6 out of 5 stars

The MySugr app helps you track your blood sugar levels and other metrics related to diabetes. With this health app, patients can have better control of their symptoms.

Patients can plan meals, monitor their medications, and review their logs to understand diabetes better. They can get information on how to use diabetes devices such as insulin pumps and blood sugar monitors.


4.8 out of 5 stars

More and more countries have accepted medical marijuana. With Leafly on your smartphone, you can get the most updated information right away. Leafly has the best information on various weed strains, including dispensaries where you can purchase them.

Leafly also offers information on how to grow cannabis so that you can grow your supply at home. You can count on Leafly to connect you with marijuana-friendly doctors, dispensaries, and clinics.

EyeCare Live

For minor eye conditions, use EyeCare Live to connect with an eye doctor in just a few minutes. This health app can help patients get answers to their questions about eye care, including contact lenses and eyeglasses use. You can also get tips on how to protect your eyes during the summer months.

Just like the MDacne app, EyeCareLive will first ask questions relevant to your situation and then ask you to record your condition. Your doctor might prescribe medications or ask you to visit their office for further tests if necessary.

Final Words

Patients have rated these health apps highly, but they cannot replace an actual visit to a doctor. These apps are convenient, are easy to use, and allow easy monitoring of your medical condition. Use these apps properly, and you’ll reap the best results when it comes to overall health and wellness in no time.